8 thoughts on “Lil Sibs Weekend!
  1. Allyson Doerflinger says:

    What age level is Lil Sibs weekend geared for?
    Where will the lil sib be sleeping?
    Thank you
    Allyson Doerflinger

    • rhaprd says:

      Hello Allyson,

      Lil Sibs weekend is geared to all children 4 years and up. We will be having activites such as bowling, a scavenger hunt, a movie (Wreck it Ralph) as well as a “Space Jam” party. The siblings you bring with you will bne under your constant watch, meaning anywhere they go their older sib will be also. Saying this the lil sib will stay overnight in his or her older sibs room.

      If you have any more questions please feel free to contact Jeni Gruber at rhaprograms@uww.edu.

      Jackie Kohler
      UWWRHA Marketing Coordinator

  2. Rebecca Pokey says:

    What time do the events start? Do they start on Friday or on Saturday?
    Thank you,

    • rhaprd says:


      The events start on Friday night and go until Sunday afternoon. There will be a schedule sent out after the lil sibs sign up for the weekend.

      Anymore questions email rhaprograms@uww.edu,

      Jackie Kohler
      UWWRHA Marketing Coordinator

  3. Corrinne says:

    Can you be refunded your money if something unforeseeable occurs and your lil sib cannot make it for the event?

  4. Alexander Hoffmann says:

    Hello, I was wondering if there’s any way to still submit my Lil Sibs forms. I wasn’t aware of the RHA office closing at 4:00, and I just got out of a meeting. Thank you

  5. Lisa says:

    Is it too late to sign up?

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