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Please bring any extra travel size shampoo, conditioner, or lotion, forever stamps, multipack chips or anything els… https://t.co/ToYEbW384T
At this week's meeting we had Dining Services come in to listen to students input on dining. #BeHeardRHA #reslifehttps://t.co/JM1V2ZCRdC
Make sure to come to UC 259 tonight at 7pm for our meeting. We will having dining there to listen to your comments and suggestions. #reslife
Do you have extra travel size shampoo, conditioner, or lotion? Maybe snack-size bags of chips or granola bars? How… https://t.co/01Y2azrn2t
We wore costumes and played CLUE (UW-Whitewater edition) at last week's meeting. The winning team was awarded THE G… https://t.co/rTSlSflRWj
Come have some fun! Meeting at 7pm in UC 259. #BeThere https://t.co/eEoqmpKqH9
Happy Halloween! Don't forget about our meeting tonight at 7pm in UC 259. The first 30 minutes will go as usual and… https://t.co/1svrTR5pnG
REMINDER: There is no meeting tonight. We encourage you to attend Boxes and Walls. If you haven't done so already,… https://t.co/eVBjFuDExo
Halloween Trick or Treat! DM us your name, hall you live in, and room number on Instagram (@UWWRHA) by next Thurs… https://t.co/C8cEB479eM
SPOTLIGHT MEMBER OF THE WEEK! Grace Dapper - Assistant Complex Director for Clem/Benson Halls She enjoys having… https://t.co/oho3qQgydM