Assembly Attendance

Arey Santania Hood Mariah Mohammadian
Benson Kelli Sobczak David Kirst
Clem Megan Reddin Kelley Agnew
Bigelow Nicole Holder VACANT
Lee Jordan Toburen VACANT
Fricker Sam Pick Jenny Restock
Starin Ernesto Cantu- Valencia Gina Rudella
Starin Con’t Chris Kautza
Goodhue VACANT
Fox Meadows Caleb Janowski Greg Loreti
Cambridge VACANT Amanda Schmitt
Wellers Devon Winfrey Tara Husemann
Knilans Emily Rigg Kyle Knopes
Wells East Matthew Shruck Zach Knudson
Wells East Cole Wohler Jacob Tripp
Wells West Sheldon Bean VACANT
NRHH Cody Schmittinger Rachael Leek

Gallery Attendance

Ariel Powers-Schaub Paige Muehenkamp
Brian Pilsner Kayla McIntosh
Pamela Lisowe Heather Long
Patty Huth Mynn Marolt
Mike Mifflin Colleen Worthman
Joe Jent Tawny Martinez
Chris Martin Krista Paul
Nicole Pecher Terry Tumbarello
Luis Benevoglienti Chris Hollar
Lindsay Gustin Whitney Supianoski
John Witte Maria Glorioso
Officer Steve

i.            Call to order- Meeting was called to order at 7:08pm

ii.            Roll Call

iii.            Approval of the Minutes:  Cole Wohler moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Kelli Sobczak. Consent called by Sheldon Bean, minutes approved.

iv.            Executive Reports

i.      President Dan- worked on emailing all UW schools for a document for RHA, getting guest speakers set up, and found a host for all hall meeting in November and December

ii.      Vice President Vicki- care packages come in next week, please help!!

Updates to budget

  1. Wheelchair Basketball, $300.00
  2. GLACURH supplies
  3. BLT dinner

iii.      Exec Assistant Bekah- working on philanthropy ideas, possibly collaborating with some LIT members on this

iv.      NCC/WCC Emily- got back from BLT conference. At the conference they cover parli pro, WURHA President position, WURHA 2012 and AAFW. Currently preparing for GLACURH still. The bid is almost done; it will be shown next week.

v.      Co Programmers Stef and Lauren- October 21 apple orchard, can take 50 students; registration will open up October 18 at 8 am, email December 10 is the Badger hockey game, 60 people can attend. These wonderful ladies need a lot of people to help with Whitewater’s Got Talent and “Safer Sex” program. There is a list of all programs for this semester; it will be passed out at next week’s meeting.

vi.      PRD- Newsletter should be out this week. The signs for the apple orchard are done, they should go up in the halls this week

v.            Advisor Reports

i.      Lindsay- Tis the season for roommate conflicts, encourage everyone to fill out roommate agreements sheets if not already taken care of.

ii.      Luis- next week Friday, open campus diversity program. October 21st

iii.      Terry- If you have any questions, Terry will give you them. If he doesn’t have the answer, he will find out

Presented gender neutral housing- Explained the proposal and walked us through it. There will not be a discussion this week, just take information back to LITs and next week we will discuss this.

Gender blind/neutral housing-This will be opened up in Starin Hall, not sure what floor/s yet. To be eligible for this, you must be eligible to live in Starin Hall. There may be additional applications to be completed. The proposal is fully comprehensive; there is plenty of additional information in here. Keep in mind, no one would live in gender neutral housing unless you request it and the request is mutual. Priority will be given to those who have a need for it instead of a want for it.

vi.            NRHH Report October 17th 8 pm in Clem, study night with puppy chow! Next meeting will be November 2 due to homecoming meeting.

vii.            ARA Report- there will be an RA dance, preparing for homecoming too. Looking to provide additional support for RA’ who come in mid semester, and working on a fundraiser for ARA and to promote RA’s

viii.            Committee Report(s)

i.      Residence Life Room Assignments =-will be meeting on Friday. All freshman complexes might not be the best idea, but an all-freshman dorm could work well.

ii.      Dining Services Committee- Chris Martin sits on the committee, last Friday had a meeting, the mission of dining services isn’t just to provide food, but wants to get people involved and be one step above all other food service venders. Drumlin will become an all you can eat place in the upstairs. The goal is not to make this the same as Esker, but setting up different stations, pizza station, kitchen station, sandwich shop, etc. They are going to try to have more vegan and vegetarian options. The committee wants to get a floor plan that will seat up to 400 people. The downstairs will have the grocery section and maybe a sub shop similar to P Street. Remodeling should be done by spring semester of 2013. Committee wants our input on what to do about food for that side of campus. Please bring this back to LITs, and come back with ideas at the next meeting.

ix.            Approval of the Budget- Sheldon Bean moved to approve budget, seconded by Cole Wohler. 27-0-7. Budget passes.

x.            Guest Speakers

i.      Parli-Pro 101- Parli Pro 101. A power point reviewing Parli Pro was shown at the meeting. The PowerPoint took a step by step process through Parli Pro, and reviewed more terminology.

ii.      Tawny Martinez- OTMs OTM is OF The Month, it’s a great way to recognize someone who does something super great during the month. These can be written for anything and everything, just keep it appropriate. It is also possible to submit a program. Write an OTM of at least 250 words, then submit it online. OTMs are due at 11:59pm on the 5th of the next month. There are prizes for writing these!!

xi.            Funds Requests: Shirley-

The E board would like to provide a gift for Shirley on belaf of RHA, a large card in a picture frame for her, in addition to a certificate and some gift cards. Shirley is the program assistant for the office of Residence Life. She has been here since the first day that RHA opened on campus, and she has done so much for RHA. The E- board is requesting 100.00-$250.00 for her gifts. (As this amount is under $700.00 and is a time sensitive issue, we will vote on it tonight.)

Sheldon Bean moved to end discussion, seconded by Megan Reddin. Consent called by Cole Wohler. Dan entertained a motion to vote.  Kelley Agnew moved to give the E board $100-$250.00 for a gift for Shirley, seconded by Mariah Mohammadian. 27-0-7.Motion passes.

xii.            Old Business

i.      Meeting Location (UC) – The layout of the room is different this week, if we can continue to stay in 259 we will have the same layout. General consensus is that the assembly doesn’t like not being able to see everyone. If we move to the ballroom, things will be quite similar to the old layout in this room.

ii.      Hall Meeting Location/Information- We have a hall interested in hosting us next week, it has not been finalized yet, but when Bekah emails out a reminder, you will know what hall we are in. In November and December we will host meetings in two different complexes. First meeting will be October 19, and the following all hall meeting will be November 16. The exact location of this has yet to be determined.

xiii.            New Business

xiv.            Issues/Food Comments


xvi.            Adjournment: Dan entertained a motion to adjourn meeting. Mariah Mohammadian moved to adjourn meeting.  Seconded by David Kirst. Consent called by Cole Wohler. Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.

<3 RHA                                                 I had an interview with Kohl’s    Wells East is beast

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Rain!! Emily is an amazing NCC

You are awesome

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Arey/ Benson: “Minute to win it” October 21 7:30 pm