Attendance Assembly


  • Kat Meier


  • David Kirst
  • Kelli Sobczak


  • Megan Reddin
  • Renee Binder


  • Nicole Holder


  • Alex Steeno


  • Sam Pick
  • Jenny Restock


  • Chris Kautza
  • Ernesto Cantu-Valenci
  • Gina Rudella

Fox Meadows

  • Greg Loreti
  • Caleb Janowski


  • Amanda Schmitt


  • Danielle Johnson
  • Becky Wintringer


  • Tara Husemann
  • Devon Winfrey


  • Emily Rigg
  • Stephen Hawkins Jr.

Wells East

  • Erin Sutter
  • Jacob Tripp
  • Chelsey Gabrhel
  • Cole Wohler

Wells West

  • M-Kay Rose
  • David Hawkenson


  • Cody Schmittinger
  • Paige Muehlenkamp
  • Brian Pilsner
  • Rebecca Mchugh
  • Alyssa McClain
  • Sarah Gregant
  • Tawney Martinez
  • Derrick Guy
  • Joe Jent
  • Lindsay Gustin
  • Vincent LaRoss
  • Brandon Blakely
  • Jeni Gruber
  • Kaela Lindquist

RHA meeting

December 14, 2011

i.            Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 7:08

ii.            Roll Call

iii.            Approval of the Minutes:  Kelli Sobczak moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Megan Reddin, consent called by Greg Loreti, minutes were approved.

iv.            Executive Reports

i.      President Dan

–          Got the list of the committee so that Committee Fest 2012 can be prepared for

–          Setting up for next semester guest speakers

ii.      Vice President Vicki

–          Finals care packages came in on Monday, thank you to everyone who helped

–          The budget has been updated, LITs have all their money and RA funds were passed out.

iii.      Executive Assistant Bekah

iv.      NCC/WCC Emily

–          First bid meeting Monday, bidding for WHIL, program of the year, WCC of the year, and school of the year.

–          First WURHA meeting was Sunday, all the duties have been divided up so that people can work at them over break

–          French Dip bid results will come back on Monday December 19.

v.      Co Programmers Lauren and Stef

–          Last Friday wa Wheelchair Basketball

–          Last Saturday was the Badger Hockey game

–          This Saturday from 12-4 is the relaxation program.

–          Getting things ready for next semester

–          There is a program that Chris Hollar is heading up, it is similar to “Ask a Black Dude.” If anyone is interested in working with this program, please talk to Lauren and Stef!

vi.      PRD Rachel-

–          It as not possible to get the hot pink long sleeve t shirts in hot pink, so they are in short sleeved.

–          Rachel ordered some extra t shirts, so if you have not signed ip for one, talk to Rachel

v.            Advisor Reports

i.      Lindsay

–          went over honorariums for the E Board

–          good luck with finals

ii.      Terry

–          Those of you who received care packages, they are loaded with fruit, so please keep that in mind.

–          There are also lots of people who don’t pick them up, so encourage fellow residents to pick them up

–          Good luck of finals

–          Happy Holidays

vi.            NRHH Report

–          Fall Induction was this semester: Stef Smith, Vicki Gramse, Megan Reddin, Lauren Bergholz, and Mary Scanlin

vii.            ARA Report

viii.            Committee Report(s)

i.      General Committee Appointments – Take it back to your LITs

ii.      Dining Services

–          Talked about secret shopper program

–          There will be some programs done, such as a gingerbread house building conference

–           There is a conference at Ball State University, it helps dining services grow and get some new ideas.

i.      For the most part, only employees are taken, but there may be some members from Dining Services Committee going as well.

ix.            Approval of the Budget: Nicole Holder moved to approve the budget, seconded by David Kirst. Budget passed with a vote of 29-0-6.

x.            New Business

xi.            Old Business

i.      Compensation Review Proposal

–          Honorariums have been paid for 17-18 years, the last pay increase Terry is aware of happened around 2005-2006.

–          If a pay increase is approved, most of the LITs agree that they would like the duties and requirements to increase constitutionally as well.

–          There was a lot of discussion, as well as some new ideas that were brought up, so the LITs wanted to meet and discuss the ideas that were mentioned.

–          Megan Reddin moved to groove for a five minute recess. Seconded by Chris Kautza, consent called by Gina Rudella. A five minute break ensued.

–          There are people who have said that they would like to table the discussion until next meeting. However, if a motion is made, there are people who would like

–          Kelli Sobczak moved to approve a pay increase to a total of $1750 per Executive Board member contingent on changes being made to the constitution. Seconded by Megan Reddin. Paige Muehlenkamp made a friendly motion to change the contingency motion to “changes being made in regards to position responsibilities.” Kelli Sobczak accepted. Megan Reddin accepted.  The new motion is “an approval of a pay increase to a total of $1750 contingent on changes being made in regard to position responsibilities.” Consent called by Cole Wohler. With a vote of 17-10-9, the motion failed.

–          Chris Kautza moved to move the compensation packet to the table. Seconded by Megan Reddin. Consent called by Sheldon Bean. Consent objected to by Caleb Janowski. Because there was an objection to consent, a vote needed to be taken.  With a vote of 21-9-6, the motion was brought back to the table. Chris Kautza moved to table discussion to the next RHA meeting. Seconded by Megan Reddin. A vote is not needed on this due to the constitution.  This will be brought back to LITs, and this will be discussed further at the next meeting, January 25.

xii.            Issues/Food Comments

xiii.            Final Thoughts: RELAXATION PROGRAM DECEMBER 17 Noon to 4pm.

xiv.            Adjournment: Megan Reddin moved to adjourn the meeting, Seconded by Cole Wohler. Consent called by Greg Loreti. Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm

II.            Last announcements


WHEE!  Date service = $276.00 Total $776.00        First time             good luck on finals everyone      I want show       You can take me home as a gift  January 8th is my birthday             Nice hair Dan     Hope you enjoy your email I sent you    J last meeting J

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