Assembly Attendance


Kat Meier



Kelli Sobczak

David Kirst


Megan Reddin

Renee Binder


Nicole Holder



Alex Steeno

Jordan Toburen


Sam Pick

Jenny Restock



Gina Rudella

Starin Con’t

Chris Kautza





Fox Meadows

Caleb Janowski

Greg Loreti



Amanda Schmitt


Sarah Bregant

Nate Karls


Devon Winfrey

Tara Husemann


Kyle Knopes

Emily Rigg

Wells East

Erin Sutter

Chelsey Gabrhel

Wells East

Cole Wohler

Jacob Tripp

Wells West


David Hawkenson

Wells West

Colin Moore



Cody Schmittinger

Kayla McIntosh

Gallery Attendance

Jeni Gruber

Sh’Nita Mitchell

Tawny Martinez

Alex Akre

Paige Muehlenkamp

Alex Szarzynski

Becky Wintringer

Sean VanAacken

Rebecca McHugh


Karen Thomas

Brian Pilsner

John Witte


i.            Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 7:07pm

ii.            Roll Call

iii.            Approval of the Minutes:  Kelli Sobczak moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Jake Tripp, consent called by Megan Reddin. Minutes have been approved

iv.            Executive Reports

i.      President Dan- Setting up guest speakers

–          There will be three meetings in the hall next semester J


ii.      Vice President Vicki- PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU DID NOT SIGN UP AND CAN HELP WITH CARE PACKAGES!!! Monday December 12

iii.      Exec  Assistant Bekah- Working on end of the year awards.

iv.      NCC/WCC – WURHA delegation has been chosen

–          French dip bid submitted

v.      Co- Programmers- Lauren and Stef- Badger hockey game this Saturday

–          Wheelchair basketball 7:45 pm outside William Center on Friday

–          Relaxation December 17th 12-4pm: food, massages, coloring, stress balls, cards, yoga

–          Booked rooms doe next semester

–          Going to start planning committee fest 2012


vi.      PRD Rachel- T shirt designs have been chosen!

–          Relaxation program fliers are going out on Monday

v.            Advisor Reports

i.      Ariel- good luck on exams, make sure to take a break at the relaxation program

ii.      Lindsay- honorariums will be going out soon, please evaluate the exec board so they can know what to improve on and what they are doing well.

vi.            NRHH Report- Induction is this Sunday at 5pm

vii.            ARA Report-

viii.            Committee Report(s)

i.      General Committee Appointments – Take it back to your LITs- There are benefits to going to committee meetings. These are very important; you get to be the voice for RHA. This is an awesome thing!!

–          Committee Fest will introduce y’all to the committee chairs that still need to be filled

ii.      University Board meeting- The Chancellor would like to know what you think of the banners on the side of the buildings. A student asked about the posting “Recall Walker”

–          One of the main rules is that it needs to be sponsored by an organization. (There was a group that supported the “Recall Walker” banner)

i.      There are some people who do not agree with this. If a sign is posted, it can look as though the university as a whole.

ii.      There are people who agree with this, it is simply a freedom of speech. If someone doesn’t like what they see, they do not have to agree with it.

iii.      Perhaps the organization needs to make their print larger so that it is clear that it is 1 organization supporting this, that way a person can tell that it is not UWW itself that is in support of this.

iv.      Overall consensus is that the signage can be allowed, but it needs to be clear that it is supported by a specific organization.

iii.      Tobacco Free Committee- Please take the survey if you have yet to. We have more than 1500 respondents, and we would like as many as possible, so please tell everyone about it!! Survey closes December 16th.


ix.            Approval of the Budget:  David Kirst moved to approve the budget. Seconded by Megan Reddin 26-0-5. Budget passed.

x.            New Business

i.      Stephanie Abbott – City Council, District 2- No Presentation

ii.      Jennifer Gruber- here last week with TWK, asking if RHA would be willing to match whatever money is raised by the two programs

–          There are two events, both are to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

–          David Hawkenson moved to end discussion and match up to $500 of what the program makes. Seconded by Kelli Sobczak. Tara Husemann made a friendly amendment to donate a flat amount of $500. Seconded by Nicole Holder. Motion passed with a vote of 18-0-13.

iii.      Compensation Review Packet-The E Board has made up a packet outlining the duties required and what is actually done. As is obvious, there is a lot of extra work done. Therefore, we are asking for an increase in monetary compensation. There are two numbers given, they are both increases. These will be taken back to the LITs to be discussed. This is very important to talk to about the LITs, so please make sure to discuss this with them.

xi.            Old Business

xii.            Issues/Food Comments

xiii.            Final Thoughts: The wheelchair B-ball team will be selling the shirts during the game on Friday.

–          Please come to the programs!

If anyone else wants to help with care packages, email Vicki

xiv.            Adjournment : Cole Wohler moved to end the meeting, Seconded by David Kirst, consent called by Caleb Janowski, meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.


Ms. Bekah, love our office hangouts, with or without coffee J  Packers are 12-0               Merry Christmas

Corey Taylor <3 Yay date service auction               second that        NRHH Induction= fun     My PJs rock        Wearing PJs and blanket Yay! I need a date J      Hi



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