RHA general member minutes


Assembly Attendance


Kat Meier

Derric Francis


Kelli Sobczak

David Kirst


Megan Reddin

Renee Binder


Nicole Holder

Shawn Deisinger


Jenna Smith

Jordan L


Sam Pick

Jenny Restock



Gina Rudella

Starin Con’t

Chris Kautza





Fox Meadows

Caleb Janowski

Greg Loreti


Michael Gartman

Amanda Schmitt


Sarah Bregant

Becky Wintringer


Devon Winfrey

Tara Husemann


Kyle Knopes


Wells East

Connie Noble

Chelsey Gabrhel

Wells East

Cole Wohler

Jacob Tripp

Wells West

Dora Cuatt

David Hawkenson

Wells West

Gary Chaffee

Rebecca Tutcher


Cody Schmittinger

Kayla McIntosh

Gallery Attendance

Allie Stuedeman

Officer Steve

Pamela Lisowe

Manda KJ

Ali Baumgartner

Chris Hollar

Allison Mueller

Paige Muehlenkamp

Dylan Kersten

Patty Huth

Mike Mifflin

Heather Long

Ariel Powers- Schaub

Luis Benevoglienti

Alyssa Jones

Tawny Martinez

Mary Thomas

Terry Tumbarello

Lindsay Gustin

Alyssa McClain

Krista Paul

Sean VacAacken

Andrew Schultz

Frank Bartlett

John Witte

                                 i.            Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm

ii.            Roll Call

iii.            Approval of the Minutes: Megan Reddin moved to approve the minutes, seconded by David Kirst. Consent called by Greg Loreti, minutes were approved.

iv.            Executive Reports

i.      President Dan: worked on setting up guest speakers

ii.      Vice President Vicki:

–          Updating budget

–          Working on designing new buckets for care packages

–          Valentines care packages come in next week. Sign up to help if you can please for Feb. 10

iii.      Executive Assistant Bekah:

–          Will have philanthropy information next meeting!!

iv.      NCC/WCC Emily:

–          WURHA meetings

–          French Dip meetings

–          Fixing up Large School of the Year bid

v.      Co Programmers Lauren and Stef:

–          Lil Sibs is underway! April 13-15

–          Iron Chef is started, each complex needs their competitor by Feb 16

–          Iron chef finals are on Feb 20 6:30 Esker room 108

–          Committee Fest 2012!!! Feb 8, get excited

–          East V West Thirsty Thursday tour is starting to get underway

–          Brewer’s Game we will be getting tickets for soon

vi.      PRD Rachel:

–          Worked on the poster for the Involvement fair and Operation Beautiful

–          Continuing to update website

v.            Advisor Reports:

i.      Lindsay

–           Committee Fest 2012!!!!!!! Everyone needs to come and get excited.

ii.      Luis:

–           Reminder about RA applications, please apply if you would like to be an RA next year. Applications are due Feb. 19

–          Information session UC 164 Thursday February 2

–          Summer assistants are also needed, fill out an application and turn it in, deadline is Feb. 14

iii.      Terry

–          UW Lacrosse had a big fire in one of their residence halls. The company that we rent bed lofts from has donated numerous lofts to the school.

vi.            NRHH Report

–          Meeting next week Tuesday at 5:15

vii.            ARA Report

–          First meeting Wednesday

–          Pie a big wig program will be coming up, possibly March 14, but a secure date will be released soon

viii.            Committee Report(s)

–          UC Board: If y’all remember, Dan had brought this up to talk about the banner subject. Currently, banners are allowed representing a variety of opinions. The problem that happened was some negative opinions had been broadcasted.

  • RHA is providing feedback for the UC Board to see what we think should be done to curb this problem

ix.            Approval of the Budget: Kelli Sobzak moved to approve the budget, seconded by Cody Schmittinger. With a vote of 32-0-6 budget passed.

x.            Guest Speakers

i.      Dr. Eric Compas – Starin Hall Research: will not be speaking

ii.      DECA:

–          Each year DECA chooses a specific cause that they would like to donate to. This year they have decided to raise money for Autism. DECA would like to place pamphlets in the mailboxes of residents to let them know what the events are during Autism awareness week.

–          There is a week full of different events to raise money and awareness of Autism.

–          DECA is asking us to support the mailbox flyers. Cole Wohler moved to offer support for the flyers. Seconded by Megan Reddin, 37-0-1 motion passed.

–          In addition to support, DECA is seeking funds to help cover the cost of the competition they are attending. It costs $252.00 per student, and DECA is asking for RHA to help offset the cost of this.

–           This year there is about 81% of students who are involved in DECA that live in the residence halls.

–          There are not seeking a specific amount, but are open to anything RHA would like to donate.

–          This will be brought back to LITs and will be voted on next week.

xi.            Old Business

i.      Compensation Review Proposal:

–          Greg Loreti moved to increase the pay to $1750 for the E board. Seconded by David Kirst. With a vote of 19-13-6, motion failed. The compensation proposal failed. Bekah Geffert moved to groove for 2 minutes, seconded by Emily Lorenz, consent called by Megan Reddin

–          After a recess, President Dan and the fellow E board would like to seek a re vote. There was some further clarification about a conflict of interest. Gary Chaffee moved to open up discussion. Chris Kautza seconded this, consent called by Gina Rudella.  Discussion is reopened.

Caleb Janowski moved to revote. Seconded by Greg Loreti, Megan Reddin called consent.

–          With a new vote of 25-13-0, the motion passed.

xii.            New Business

i.      Lauren Bergholz-

–          Requesting money on behalf of the WURHA delegation. The money raised for this will go to support the Special Olympics. In addition to asking for monetary support from RHA, NRHH will also be asked to donate, and there will be a bake sale held in the UC as well. Bake sale will be Feb 6-10.

–          This will be taken back to the LITs and voted on next week.

xiii.            Issues/Food Comments: Cole Wohler moved to put issue and food comments in the meeting, seconded by Connie Noble. Consent called by Caleb Janowski, comments and food issues will be moved to the minutes.

xiv.            Final Thoughts: Don’t forget about committee fest!!!!

xv.            Adjournment: Kayla McIntosh moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by David Kirst, consent called by Megan Reddin, meeting adjourned at 8:51pm .

Food comments

Drumlin is still slow

Garbage push flaps are messy

Cold hamburgers

Never any trays

Full sliced pepperoni

Esker was delicious

I wish there was more variety at Chef Yan Can cook

Uno’s has a very friendly staff

Stock of food is poor on weekends

Uno’s was awesome ad so was the staff

Lots of dirty dishes lately


Presenting at WURHA    Dan is going to be a sexy beast  Its hot in here    I got my nails done today             hope you knee feels better J ps, sleep= good  res-net fixed my computer and it makes me happy        Wells west is the best    thanks from DECA     Go DECA              1st floor Bigelow rules     love RHA              NA          I love RHA           I love RHA and LITs          1st meeting                YAY Bekah!         Can’t wait for committee fest!!!               We need snow 2nd floor Bigelow rules more        yay RHA                WHEE Committee Fest  Get excited        Class

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