RHA general member meeting 2-8-2012

Assembly Attendance

Arey Kat Meier Derric Francis
Benson Kelli Sobczak David Kirst
Clem Megan Reddin Renee Binder
Bigelow Nicole Holder Shawn Deisinger
Lee Jenna Smith Jordan Toburen
Fricker Sam Pick Jenny Restock
Starin VACANT Gina Rudella
Starin Con’t Chris Kautza  
Goodhue VACANT  
Fox Meadows Caleb Janowski Greg Loreti
Cambridge Michael Gartman Amanda Schmitt
Tutt Sarah Bregant Nate Karls
Wellers Devon Winfrey Tara Husemann
Knilans Kyle Knopes Peter Hernandez
Wells East Connie Noble Chelsey Gabrhel
Wells East Cole Wohler Jacob Tripp
Wells West Dora Cuatt David Hawkenson
Wells West Gary Chaffee Rebecca Tutcher
NRHH Cody Schmittinger Kayla McIntosh


Gallery Attendance

Sean VanAacken Tom Pellizzi
Krista Paul Tom Hinspater
Erin Sutter Gloria D
Matt Westphal Ben Leikness
Alison Mueller Von Gordon
Ali Baumgartner Steph Mankowski
Wesley Enterling Lindsay Gustin
Jacqunelynn B Alyssa Jones
Palema Lisowe Emily Miethke
Officer Steve Tim Moffett
Kelsey Berndt Mike Mifflin
Kelsey Johnson Paige Muehlenkamp
Alyssa McClain Tawny Martinez
Luis Benevoglienti


  1. Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 7:34pm
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the minutes: Megan Reddin moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Kelli Sobczak, consent called by David Kirst, minutes were approved
  4. Executive Reports
    1. President Dan

–          Had a one on one with terry and had dinner with Ariel

–          Meeting with DR. Rios and Dr. Bilodeau later this week

  1. Vice President Vicki

–          Valentine’s day care packages come in this week

–          Updated budget with visa card line

–          Finished designing a new care package bucket for final care packages

  1. Executive Assistant Bekah

–          Relay for Life is going to be the philanthropy project for this year.

–          April 28th 5pm05am. Please bring information back to your LITs to encourage interest.

–          If you have any questions, please email Bekah

  1. NCC/WCC Emily-

–          WURHA meetings are going well, finalizing details for the conference

–          French Dip planning is going well, and details should be up on the website soon!

  1. Co Programmer Lauren and Stef

–          Worked on lil sibs

–          Finished up committee fest, hope y’all had a great time, if you have any ideas for next year please let the programmers know

–          If you are interested in running for a programmer position next year, please let Lauren or Stef know

–          Working on East side West side Thirsty Thursday event, just waiting to hear back from LITs

–          Email Jay Craggs about having a bubble rave in the UC to help raise money for Relay for Life

–          Looking at a new date for the Brewer game

  1. PRD Rachel

–          Plaques are ordered!

–          Iron Chef posters off

–          Made committee fest signs

–          Working on PR committee, if you want to join, email Rachel

–          RHA has a Twitter!!! Follow us- “uwwrha”

–          Continuing to update website

  1. Advisor Reports
    1. Lindsay- hope you had a great time at Committee Fest 2012!
    2. Luis- RA position deadline in Feb. 19, summer assistant deadline is Feb 14

–          Residence Life is putting together a work group to work on branding the name of RHA. They would like a representative from RHA to sit on the committee, so if you are interested please contact Dan.

  1. NRHH Report

–          Selling valentines in the UC Monday and Tuesday, 13th and 14th 10-12pm  2-5pm,

  1. ARA Report

–          Doing some programs for all the RAs, also working on collaboration with RHA for pie a big wig

  1. Committee Report

–          Dining Services: committee has picked out all of the interior design, so they chose colors, seating, floors etc.

  1. Approval of the budget: Sarah Bregant moved to approve the budget, seconded by David Kirst. With a vote of 34-0-6, budget passed.
  2. Guest Speakers
    1. Dining Services: Whine and cheese

–          Drumlin project is really coming along

–          There will be a new dining services place in the downstairs of Drumlin, a new sub restaurant

–          Dining services came to RHA to get feedback on student’s thoughts on food related concerns

  1. A few important notes
    1. Dining services is working on having nutritional facts available at Esker. This would be set up as an I pad station, with the I pad available for students to look up the facts
    2. There was some clarification needed on guest purchases versus double meal plans. Dining Services will try to provide signage to clarify this matter.
    3. The new Drumlin is going to have some sort of a healthy meal service open after renovation
    4. All parts of Drumlin will be open during the entire time they are open
  2. Old Business
    1. DECA- requesting funds for DECA conference, this was brought up at last week’s meeting and was supposed to be brought back to LITs.

–          David Hawkenson moved to give $2633.00 to DECA (half of funds needed). Seconded by Jordan Toburen. With a vote of 31-7-2, motion passed.

  1. Lauren Bergholz: WURHA funds request

–          Requesting funds for WURHA philanthropy, this was brought up at last week’s meeting, and was supposed to be brought back to LITs.  Asked for $1000.00, but open for anything

–          Tara Husemann moved to approve $500.00 for WURHA philanthropy. Seconded by David Kirst. Chris Kautza made a friendly amendment for $1000.00 instead of $500.00. Tara Husemann did not accept, friendly amendment was denied. With a vote of 7-17-17. Motion failed. Kelli Sobczak moved to approve $1000.00 for WURHA philanthropy. Seconded by Dora Cuatt. With a vote is 25-5-10 motion passed. WURHA will receive $1000.00 for philanthropy.

  1. New Business
    1. Emily Lorenz: Legislation

–          There is legislation updating all of the positions with the exception of Executive Assistant.

–          Megan Reddin moved to waive the reading of the President’s updates, seconded by Greg Loreti. Consent called by Gary Chaffee, reading waived.

–            David Kirst moved to waive the reading of the Vice President’s updates, seconded by Shawn Deisinger, consent called by Megan Reddin, reading hs been waived.

–           Kayla McIntosh  moved to waive the reading of the NCC/WCC’s updates,  seconded by Kelli Sobczak, consent called by David Kirst, reading is waived

–          Jordan Toburen,  moved to waive the reading of the co programmer updates, seconded by Peter Hernandez, consent called by Megan Reddin, reading has been waived.

–          Shawn Deisinger moved to waive the reading of the PRD updates, seconded by Gina Rudella, consent called by David Kirst, reading has been waived.

  1. Sam Pick: French Dip

–          Requesting $1250.00 for a total of $2000 for French Dip (the other $750.00 was given last semester). Most of this money is going to come out of Res Life budget.  This money is being used for all sorts of things throughout the conference, lodging, programs, food, etc. This will help to offset the cost that each delegate pays. Normally a delegate doesn’t pay over $100.00. If the full amount is received, delegate cost will be around $70.00.

–          This will be taken back to LITs and voted on at next week’s meeting

  1. Issues/ Food Comments

–          Cole Wohler moved to have issues/ food comments in the minutes, seconded by Megan Reddin. Consent called by David Kirst, issues/food comments moved to minutes.

  1. Final Thoughts

–          Thank you for coming to committee fest

–           If you are free this weekend, come out to wheelchair basketball tournament in the field house.

–          Bake sale to raise money for Special Olympics

–          Summer auditorium Thursday at 1pm.

–          If you can help with care packages, tell Vicki!

  1. Adjournment: Kayla McIntosh moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Kelli Sobczak, consent called by Chris Kautza, meeting is adjourned at 9:17pm.






  1. RHA clubbing…. Stay tuned  Love getting food at meeting     awesome cheese and crackers  Yay committee fest        Love the cheese                              I’m bringing cookies next year   Love the back to back dancing Hope you have a great day when you read this               Oh Hey!               Sustainability coordinator             hey everyone, love you all           Wells West is the bestYou need a left handed clipboard                I love Linsday Gustin       committee Festttttttttt                let it do what it do baby                I love lamp          buy valentines from NRHH
  2. ABC- Sex in the Dark Feb 13 8pm Arey Basement
  3. CBC: Chocolate rose sale on sale tomorrow All hall Feb 20 with an RA talking about time management


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