RHA General Meeting

March 14, 2012

Assembly Attendance


Kat Meier

Derric Francis


Kelli Sobczak

Megan Senner


Megan Reddin

Renee Binder


Nicole Holder

Shawn Deisinger


Jenna Smith

Chelsea Spatola


Sam Pick

Jenny Restock



Gina Rudella

Starin Con’t

Chris Kautza





Fox Meadows

Caleb Janowski

Greg Loreti


Mike Gartman

Amanda Schmitt





Devon Winfrey

Tara Husemann


Kyle Knopes

Peter Hernandez

Wells East


Chelsey Gabrhel

Wells East

Cole Wohler

Jacob Tripp

Wells West


David Hawkenson

Wells West

Gary Chaffee



Cody Schmittinger

Kayla McIntosh

Gallery Attendance

Bianca Hey

Jessica Greve

Deanna Anderson

Anamda Fitzsimans

Tempestt Ballenger

Tawny Martinez

Sean VanAacken

Alyssa McClain

Heather Long

Cody Sheehy

Whitney Supianoski

Brian Froemming

Patrick Jamer

Ariel Powers Schaub

Lindsay Gustin

Paige Muehlenkamp

Wes Stuckert

Mike Mifflin

Ethan Deutsch

Tayt Brostowitz

Katelyn Tevrucht

Kelsey Tomaz

Rebecca McHigh

Henna Ahmed

Allison Mueller

Josh Kozlowski

Nate Phame

Emily McCullick

Kyle Wallace

Ali Baumgartner

Sam Keiler

Kierra Smith

Donnell Jonse

Kaela Lindquist

James Butele

Sara Hufmann

Jenn Porath

Maria Glorioso

Alyssa Jones

  1. Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 7:14pm
  2. Roll call:
  3. Approval of the Minutes: Kelli Sobczak moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Shawn Deisinger. Consent was called, minutes were approved
  4. Executive Reports
  5. Advisor Reports:
    1. Ariel- Reception of Excellence is April 24th, please nominate people.
    2. Lindsay-  On Friday and Monday there are two ACD candidates  coming to campus, please come to the interviews if you can!
    3. RA interviews started today, good luck everyone!!!
  6. NRHH Reports
    1. Everyone who has applied for NRHH will be informed by next week
    2. Please write OTM’s!!!
  7. ARA Report
    1. Pie a Big Wig April 25th
    2. Reception of Excellence April 34th 5:30pm
  8. General Committee Appointments
    1. UWW Coalition for a Tobacco Free Campus- presented to WSG on Monday, met with Faculty Senate on Tuesday, there will be a vote made at the next meeting if they are for or against tobacco free campus.
  9. Approval of the budget: Greg Loreti moved to approve the budget, seconded by Gary Chaffee. With a vote of 28-0-6, budget passed.
  10. Guest Speakers
  11. New Business
    1. SAGE-

–          has a Raingarden Project happening in Starin- This is a small garden that is filled with local plants. The purpose is to collect water to prevent runoff from getting into sewers and congregating on the sidewalks.  Sage is here to request money for this program. Their total cost is around $862.00.

–          Another project they are working on is Earth Hour. It is a worldwide event, where the entire world is supposed to turn off all electricity for one hour. During this hour SAGE would like to do a campus wide Capture the Flag.  SAGE would like to sell T shirts for this event, and the proceeds would go to the raingarden.

–          SAGE is seeking funding from other organizations as well.

  1. The Challenge- Jeni Gruber

–          The challenge is similar to Road Rules challenge. There are teams of four to five people. There will be physical, mental and creative activities for everyone.  The final three teams will compete against each other. This event will take place May 4th at 1pm.  This will be open to everyone on campus. There was an event similar to this last year, and they spent $1500.00. They are asking RHA to donate $500.00 for this. This will be taken back to the LITs and voted on next week.

  1. DECA

–          Reporting on the events that RHA sponsored. Autism Speaks campaign was a major success.  Whitewater took sixth place at the state conference.  Whitewater DECA received Chapter of the Year and the Diamond Award. Additionally one of the students was chosen as student of the Year!!! They took 24 members this year. Two members from the chapter were elected to the State Board.  Congratulations DECA!!!

  1. Alpha Phi Alpha

–          They are putting on a yard show for the fifth year here on campus. Asking for $600.00 to cover the cost of renting out the Young Auditorium.  If RHA chooses to donate money to this, Alpha Phi Alpha will put up a banner for RHA. This event is Thursday April 12 6pm-9pm. Last year there were thirteen or fourteen other organizations that participated in the event.  This will be taken back to LITs and voted on next week.

  1. Legislation

–          There are additions that were made to each position, please take these back to your LITs and bring any amendments back next week.

  1. Old Business
    1. Culture Shock

–          This was brought up last week. Again, the program is open to everyone on campus, there will be over 45 countries represented. The event will take place April 3 from 7-10pm.  Megan Reddin moved to give Arey/ Benson $400.00 for culture shock. Seconded by Chris Katuza. With a vote of 28-0-6, motion passed.

  1. Issues/ Food Comments
  2. Final Thoughts: French Dip Conference is April 20-22. We would like Jitters to be open over the weekend, so please volunteer if you can!
  3. Adjournment: Caleb Janowski moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Cole Wohler. Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.




Reps of SAGE     SAGE     Go Lee hall          Why am I writing so large?           Lee Hall rules     Lee Hall!               Love RHA and lfc                NRHH induction is going to be off the chain          RHA in Lee… COOL!         It’s way too hot in here HOTTTTT              its beautiful outside             I ball       She is beautiful outside thank you            thanks RHA         appreciate everything   fun so far                thank you so much          interesting          lee fricker is the best

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