Assembly Attendance


Kat Meier

Derric Francis


Kelli Sobczak

Megan Senner


Megan Reddin

Renee Binder


Nicole Holder

Shawn Deisinger


Jenna Smith

Jordan Toburen


Sam Pick

Jenny Restock



Gina Rudella

Starin Con’t

Chris Kautza





Fox Meadows

Caleb Janowski

Greg Loreti



Amanda Schmitt


Sarah Bregant



Devon Winfrey

Tara Husemann



Peter Hernandez

Wells East

Connie Noble

Chelsey Gabrhel

Wells East

Cole Wohler

Jacob Tripp

Wells West

Dora Cuatt

David Hawkenson

Wells West




Cody Schmittinger

Tawny Martinez

Gallery Attendance

Erin Sutter

Stef Smith

Paige Muehlenkamp

Maria Glorioso

Asylla McClain

Kaela Lindquist

Chris Hollar

Chris Martin

Alex Szarmynski

Even Siegal

Ariel Powers Shaub

RHA meeting minutes

March 7 2012

  1. Call to order: meeting was called to order at 7:05
  2. Roll call
  3. Approval of the minutes: Megan Reddin moved to approve the minutes, seconded by David Kirst. Minutes were approved.
  4. Executive reports:
    1. President Dan

–          – Reception of Excellence information is going out, this will take place April 24th, more things will come

–          Lots of interviews today

  1. Vice President Vicki

–          Worked on the budget

  1. Executive Assistant Bekah

–          New recognition slips went out!!

  1. NCC/WCC and Elect Emily and Becky

–          Visited LITs to hand out NACURH applications

–          No Frills is this weekend, reading lots of legislation for it

–          If you turn in a NACURH application at next week’s meeting you will get a special prize.

  1. Co Programmer Lauren

–          Working on Lil Sibs, all letters hopefully out on Friday

–          Stuffing party on Friday 11:30-1pm met with HOPE, for a program Sex in the UC April 5 UC 259 7-10pm.

  1. PRD Rachel

–          Worked on transition binder

–          Had PR committee meeting

–          Working on getting OTM’s on the RHA website

–          Folding Lil Sibs letters

  1. Advisor reports

–          Ariel- Reception of Excellence- you can nominate people for awards, everyone is invited to go. There are really awesome awards to give out, so encourage everyone to nominate people.

Luis- Honorariums were presented

  1. NRHH report

–          Thank you to everyone who wrote an OTM

–          Application deadline is coming up, please apply!!

–          Next meeting is March 13

  1. ARA report


  1. Committee report
    1. General committee reports

–          Dining Services: still working on the designs, grab and go, sack lunch section. Talked about the new budget looking at our prices compared to other UW schools.  Thinking about changing Yan Can Cook to Italian food.  There will be over 300 people attending the International Student Dinner. There will be a forum for diversity in order to help combat the issue with Black History month that happened.

–          This is national nutrition month!

–          Interviewing a nutrition specialist for campus

UC Board: There will be no banners on the side of buildings.  Instead, there will be more block boards put up in the UC mall to have signs there. There will be 2 signs with a total of four spots to advertise. This hasn’t been approved yet, but it is going through the necessary people.

–          Student fees will not include for the UC next year, and within the next few years there will be some renovations made.

  1. Approval of the budget:  Chelsey Gabrhel moved to approve the budget, seconded by Jake Tripp. With a vote of 28-0-6.
  2. Guest speakers
  3. New Business
    1. Culture Shock- ABC Representatives: This is a super sweet program that has been running for 12 years. This will happen April 3rd 7-10pm. This is open to all of campus!!!
  4. Old Business
    1. Hate Speech Campaign- Maria Glorioso

–          Just a refresher from last week, Maria is putting together a campaign to end hate speech. She is collecting names from this week, so if there is anyone who is interested please email Maria and let her know.

  1. UWW Coalition for a smoke free Campus

–          Again, this was talked about at last week’s meeting and was brought back to talk about it.  With a majority in favor of this, RHA supports the tobacco/smoke free campus

  1. Co programmers Nominations:  Tara Husemann moved to bring the nominations back to the floor, seconded by Megan Reddin. Nominations are back on the floor. Vicki Gramse moved to nominate Gina Rudella to the position of co programmer, seconded by Chelsey Gabrhel, she respectfully declined.  Bekah Geffert moved to close nominations, seconded by Kelli Sobczak. Consent was called, nominations are closed.

Vicki Gramse moved to groove for five minutes, seconded by Cole Wohler. Consent was called, five minute recess. Meeting recessed at 8:07pm

  1. d.       Elections- meeting was called to order at 8:13pm. Chris Katuza called to question, seconded by Cole Wohler. Consent was called, time for a vote.  OUR NEW CO PROGRAMMER IS JORDAN TOBUREN!!!!!!!
  2. Issues/ Food Comments: Cole Wohler moved to put issues and food comments into the minutes, seconded by Shawn Desinger. Consent was called.
  3. Final Thoughts: Stuffing party 11:30pm -1pm, NRHH wants everyone to come to the meeting at 5:15 next Tuesday.
  4. Adjournment: Jake Tripp moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Kelli Sobzcak, consent called, meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.


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