RHA Meeting

November 2 2011

  1. Call to order:  Meeting was called to order at 7:06.
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of the Minutes:  Sheldon Bean moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Megan Reddin. Consent called by Kayla McIntosh. Minutes pass.
  4. Executive Reports
    1. President Dan- Emailed and got the lights fixed on campus. –setting up guest speakers –one on one with Maria Gloriosa about next all hall meeting
    2. Vice President Vicki-more care packages are coming in, if you want to help contact Vicki. Deposited checks from OCM, and wrote out check for GLACURH philanthropy.
    3. NCC Emily- GLACURH this weekend!!!! Writing a proposal to bid for French Dip.
    4. Co- Programmer Lauren and Stef- WWGT auditions are November 7 and 8, next Monday and Tuesday. There is a toga dance party/ clothing drive November 12. Stef will be out of town for this, so if anyone would be interested in helping with this, please email Lauren or sign up! Please go onto the Facebook page and “like” RHA, then spread the word about the toga party.
    5. PRD Rachel- The toga flier went out, y’all should be seeing them soon. Also working on the bulletin board plaques and the website.
  5. Advisor Reports
    1. Ariel- have fun at GLACURH!
    2. Luis- Honorariums this week. Thank you for those who took the survey, details were shared at the meeting.
  6. NRHH Report- OTMs are due on the fifth for October
  7. ARA Report


Top of Form





Bottom of Form

  1. Committee Report

i.      Dining Services- had a meeting last Friday, and had a tour of the back of Drumlin to have a better idea of what will be changing. Secret Shopper report: go to each place to eat and say what you like, what you don’t’ and what could be improved. A decision has been made about what Drumlin will look like. It will seat at least 400 people, and it will be for a good price. The heating and cooling will also be replaced, considering it has been there since 1968. If you have any suggestion for breakfast ideas, please let Stef know.

ii.      SUFAC- Take it to LITs- Segregated University Fees Allocation Committee- There are funds that we pay in our tuition, and SUFAC is in charge of distributing these funds. If you have any interest in sitting on this committee, let Dan know. Please bring this back to your LITs and let them know that they are welcome to sit.

iii.      General Committee Appointments- You do not need to be a member of RHA to sit on these committees, just have to come up to

  1. Approval of the budget: David Kirst moved to approve budget. Seconded by Kelli Sobczak. Budget passed with a vote of 33-0-6.
  2. Guest Speakers
    1. Emily Lorenz- presented GLACURH delegation, banner and display.
  3. Funds Request

i.      Kurstin Mazzoni- Ecuador funds: will not be coming until next week.

ii.      Shelby Brockmann- Fashion Show- Project management class, the project is to raise money for UWW Children’s center. They would like to have an outdoor learning center. All of the groups in the class have come up with different ideas of how to raise money for this. Shelby is on the E board of Jitters, and Maurices has approached Jitters and asked if they would like to host a fashion show. The event will be held December 1 at 8pm in Jitters. Maurices will provide the clothes, but we need 20 models. There will be a cash donation at the door to help donate to the children’s center. Shelby is asking for $150-$200 to help purchase a large prize that will be raffled off at the fashion show. This will be used to buy an I pod or a similar prize.  Sheldon Bean moved to end discussion. Seconded by Ernesto Valencia. Consent called by Megan Reddin. Bring this back to LITs and we will vote the next meeting.

iii.      Nicole Clark- Taste of Jitters- putting on an event November 10 from 8-10:30pm. There will be free samples for everyone who has a card. The cards will be given out to the complexes so that they can be distributed to the LITs and other residents. Jitters would like $150.00 to help cover the cost, and our name will go on a banner saying that we are supporting them. There will also be live music while at the event. The program has been put on in the past and it has had a big turnout.  Kayla McIntosh moved to approve request, seconded by Sheldon Bean. Funds request approved with a vote of 38-0-1.

  1. Old Business

i.      Jill Milan- UCHS- Operation Beautiful, asked for $500.00 to help cover cost of the speaker coming to present here.  Caleb Janowski moved to end discussion. Seconded by David Kirst. Consent called by Sheldon Bean. Discussion closed. Megan Reddin moved to approve the $500.00. Seconded by M-Kay Rose. 28-3-8

ii.      French Dip- Emily Lorenz- Presented about hosting French Dip in the spring. Megan Reddin moved to support WW hosting French Dip. Seconded by Kelli Sobczak. Motion passed with a vote of 38-0-1. We will be sending in bid intent Monday night!!!!!!!!!!!

iii.      Compensation Review/ Proposal- We have postponed having a proposal for you this week; instead we would like to clarify some details. First, we would like an increase in compensation. We do not have an exact amount for you right now. The reason that we gave you the proposal this week was so that y’all could look over the 50 page document, since it is so large. We currently receive $1400 for the year. At the next meeting there will most likely be a proposal drawn up and presented next week.

  1. New Business
  2. Issues/ Food Comments
  3. Final Thoughts: Boolated Fright Night Thursday night in Starin.  NRHH is having a fall induction, so if you are interested, talk to ACD/CD/NRHH member. Come watch Women’s Soccer tomorrow night.  November 14, Paver V Viking party Wells East.
  4. Adjournment:  Cole Wohler moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Kelli Sobczak. Consent called by Megan Reddin, meeting adjourned at 8:24pm


Love the Rain     GLACURH            Bring on the snow!!        1 more hour Saturday

I disagree with Krista’s comment              I second that disagreement        I want to snowboard      Second above comment                green is the new green GLACURH this weekend                               Shelby is awesome         Pamela is beautiful          Yay  Ireland! Yay Jitters           GLACURH on Friday!       RAINBOW!!!      Jake Tripp is in love with Usher  I love conferences           Stay warm Bekah J Great 1 on 1 today Dan J

Hall Announcements

November 14th Packers v Vikings game 7:30 pm. Wells

November 10th Sex in the Dark, 8pm. Bigelow basement

November 14 All hall woth speaker Paige Muehlemkamp talking about NRHH. Bigelow basement

November 7 Speed Dating Bigelow basement

Family Feud Tuesday November 9th at 7:30 in Knilans basement