RHA Meeting minutes

November 9 2011

i.            Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 7:04

ii.            Roll Call

iii.            Approval of the Minutes: Kelli Sobczak moved to approve the changed minutes. Seconded by Caleb Janowski. Consent called by Megan Reddin. The updated minutes were approved.

iv.            Executive Reports

i.      President Dan- Dan has been emailing Dining Services about complaints with the food. Setting up WSG and Dining Services to come in to talk to us, will be talking to WSG about gender neutral housing next week.

ii.      Vice President Vicki- Gave Jitters money, paid Aropa for GLACURH t shirts. Out of the blue care packages came in, thanks for everyone who helped out with them. RA funds requests were approved for Alyssa McClain

iii.      NCC/WCC Emily-GLACURH this weekend. Emily and Paige had to read a kazillion bids and passed some new legislation.

  1. Changed bidding timeline (due 30 days before conference)
  2. Bids for No Frills are due 21 days before
  3. Changed the title of an award
  4. Made NRHH policy book for GLACURH
  5. Conference website: There will be a new website
  6. Changed the art advisor position for GLACURH
  7. Changed the advising process as well.

–          WURHA applications will be ready next Wednesday. Emily will be going around to LITs to talk about it.

–          First meeting about French Dip will be tomorrow at 7pm in Goodhue

iv.      Co- Programmers Lauren and Stef-

  1. Took the leftover shampoo and leftover t-shirts to the Operation Christmas Child Program.
  2. Monday and Tuesday were WWGT auditions, there were 12 finalists. We need people to help with numerous different positions, so please sign up, and let others in your LIT know about it too.
  3. Finals for WWGT are November 28 in the Hamiliton Room.  Emails were sent out looking for more judges, still awaiting replies.
  4. Emailed UHCH about the relaxation program
  5. . The toga party is this weekend, please please come, and bring an article of clothing, this Saturday 7pm in the Old Main Ballroom.

v.      PRD Rachel-RHA is going to go in the Royal Purple!!

v.            Advisor Reports

i.      Lindsay- All the other advisors are at a conference learning better ways to serve us

  1. . November 16, 3:30-5pm everyone is invited to celebrate Starin getting LEAD certified. It’s a great opportunity to represent RHA and meet lots of people.

vi.            NRHH Report

i.      NRHH has a conference November 19. Paige, Cody, Bekah and Mindy will be attending this program, as well as our advisor Brandon Blakley.

ii.      There are applications still out for NRHH so hurry up and turn yours in.

vii.            ARA Report

viii.            Committee Report(s)

i.      SUFAC – Things have already been voted on for this semester, so a rep right now is not necessary, but we would really like someone for next semester

ii.      General Committee Appointments – make sure to talk committee appointments up at LIT meetings, we would really like more involvement in these committees.

iii.      LGBT* committee meeting- the bathrooms will be changed to be gender neutral bathrooms in certain areas. There will be a SAFE zone training for LGBT*, but it is geared more towards the LGBT* community. This will happen December 4th at 4pm.

ix.            Approval of the Budget: Tara Husemann moved to approve the budget. Seconded by David Kirst. 29-0-7. Budget passed.

x.            Guest Speakers

xi.            Funds Requests

i.      Kurstin Mazzoni – Ecuador Funds – part of student Optimist Club, they will be going on a mission trip to Ecuador January 2-15.  There will be 8 students and advisors attending this trip, they will be visiting three of the four regions in Ecuador. The goals of the trip: experience a new country and different culture, participate in various projects to spread optimism, encourage cross cultural communication, and expand horizons. Additionally, some students will receive independent study credits.  Cost is $3350/ person, and many other fundraisers have been done to raise money for this. 60% of group members live in the dorms. If we approve the request, the group would like to present to LITs or DA meetings. Additionally, they could put up information in the bulletin boards. They are requesting $1500 to help offset the costs of the trip. Because this is an outside funds request, this will be brought back to the LITs and voted on at next week’s meeting.

ii.      Brian Froemming – Collection Boxes- President of the Social Work Student Organization. Wants boxes to be put at each front desk in each resident hall for a week. The residents will then put extra toiletries in the boxes, and the items will be donated to Bethel house, a nonprofit organization in Whitewater.  Additionally, there will be posters put up advertising this. This is a great chance for us to give to those who are less fortunate than us. Brian is requesting for both the boxes and signage. The boxes will be put behind the front desk each night so that nothing will be taken. (This is not a funds request, just requesting permission) Sheldon Bean moved to approve the boxes being put in the Res Halls. Seconded by Chris Kautza. Consent called by Cole Wohler. Boxes will be put in the halls Monday the 14th and collected a week later. There will be prizes for the LITs that collect the most items

iii.      Zach Wattron – AMA Fliers- Not in attendance.

xii.            Old Business

i.      Shelby Brockmann – Fashion Show- Quick Recap: Having a fashion show at Jitters sponsored by Maurices. The money raised will go to help the Children’s center. This will be December 1 at 7pm. Requesting money from RHA to purchase raffle prizes for the event. Raffle tickets will cost $1.00, and a donation is required to get in.  If RHA will support us, they will raise prices of raffle tickets. (Bigger prizes, larger cost). Jordan Tobourn moved to approve the $250.00 Seconded by Chris Kautza. Motion passed with a vote of 22-7-8.

ii.      Compensation Review/Proposal- As three out of the four advisors were missing and two of the E board members were unable to attend the meeting, there is no proposal. This will be brought back next week.

xiii.            New Business

xiv.            Issues/Food Comments

xv.            Final Thoughts- Anthony Richardson- Omega Psi Phi a fraternity. This is the Founders week, there will be many events open to everyone.  Monday from 5:45-7pm in Hyland 1302 a lawyer will be there to answer question and give information about legal matters.  Tuesday 6-7 UC 266, work out session. Wednesday 6-8 poetry and music, UC Old Main Ballroom. If you are interested in performing at this session, please email Anthony. On Wednesday they will also be selling cholocate covered strawberries. Thursday UC 69 6-8 Savings 101, Friday 8-11pm, community service in Jitters. Richardsa22@uww.edu for more information.

i.      Don’t forget about French Dip meeting Thursday at 7pm

ii.      Toga Party Saturday 7pm, UC Old Main

iii.      Next week’s meeting will be in Arey Basement.

xvi.            Adjournment: Cole Wohler moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by David Kirst. Consent called by Greg Loreti. Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm.