Arey Kat Meier VACANT
Benson Kelli Sobczak David Kirst
Clem Megan Reddin VACANT
Bigelow Nicole Holder VACANT
Lee Jordan Toburen Alex Steeno
Fricker Sam Pick Jenny Restock
Starin Ernesto Cantu- Valencia Gina Rudella
Starin Con’t Chris Kautza
Goodhue VACANT
Fox Meadows Caleb Janowski Greg Loreti
Cambridge VACANT Amanda Schmitt
Tutt Nate Karls Sarah Bregant
Wellers Devon Winfrey Tara Husemann
Knilans Emily Rigg Kyle Knopes
Wells East Connie Noble Chelsey Gabrhel
Wells East Cole Wohler Jacob Tripp
Wells West Mishaela Korenak Anastasia Jones
Wells West M-Kay Rose Justina Kruser
NRHH Cody Schmittinger Mindy Otto


Casey Cross Mary Thomas
Dan Fink Jessica Gritton
Kelsey Kriess Amuchionwa Chinazam
Nick Newhouse Terry T
Brendan Carson Zach Knudson
Paul Benett Kayla McIntosh
Brandon Blakely Drew Geiss
Officer Steve Chris Hollar
Pamela Lisowe Jess Kearney
Luis Benevoglienti Matt Westphal
Joe Jent Tawny Martinez
Niki Kawg Anna Agnello
Nick Szyolloeski Felicia King
Kaela Lindquist Ariel Powers- Schaub
Alyssa McClain Brian Pilsner
KelseyBerndt Kelsey Johnson
Matthew Shruck Alyssa Jones

i.            Call to order Meeting was called to order at 7:04pm.

ii.            Roll Call

iii.            Approval of the Minutes: Megan Reddin moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Kelli Sobczak. Consent called by Nicole Holder.

iv.            Executive Reports

i.      President Dan- worked on a proposal, changed around office hours, worked on student issues, and got financial aid information for E board

ii.      Vice President Vicki- Halloween care packages have been sent out, thank you to everyone who helped.

  1. Budget updates: Apple Barn Orchard, GLACURH registration, Badger hockey tickets

iii.      NCC Emily- Bid is finished  and was shown at the meeting. GLACURH delegates are getting ready for the upcoming conference, they will be meeting in large group this week and working on role call.

iv.      Co= Programmers-1. Booked rooms for Whitewater’s Got Talent 2. Started working with NRHH of safer sex program 3. Working on toga party/ clothing drive 4.  Apple Orchard THIS FRIDAY!

v.      PRD Rachel- Bulletin boards are up in the halls.

–          Newsletter for October is out

–          The link to the newsletter will be set out as soon as possible

v.            Advisor Reports

i.      Ariel- no stuff

ii.      Luis- campus diversity forum Thursday night and Friday morning. Attend this is you can!

iii.      Terry- it’s great to be in Wells for the meeting. Four or five of the staff are going to WCPA, it’s a state student affairs program. On Friday, 12 of undergrad students will go to Student Affairs 101. On Monday the new Program Assistant will be here, please welcome her to ResLife. Her name is Donna Lions. As far as the card readers on vending machines, they have been fixed!!

Gender Neutral Housing: First off, the reason for Starin only is not up to UW Whitewater’s discretion, it is UW systems state code.   RHA is being asked to vote to support the initiative, not the direct proposal. General consensus is that people are in favor of this. There were some concerns brought up about heterosexual couples.  Megan Reddin moved to end discussion. Caleb Janowski seconded this. Consent called by Cole Wohler. President Dan  called for a vote supporting the bill. 32-4-0. RHA supports this proposal.

Question of the week: Why did the ghost’s car stop running?

vi.            NRHH Report- having Fall Induction to keep numbers up, applications will be sent out after Homecoming.

vii.            ARA Report

viii.            Committee Report(s)

ix.            Approval of the Budget Kelli Sobczak moved to approve the budget. Seconded by Jacob Tripp. Passed with a vote of 30-0-6

x.            Guest Speakers

i.      Brendan Larson – Children’s Center- For a project management class they are working on a fundraiser to raise money for support for Children’s program. They would like to put boxes in Res Halls, collecting candy wrappers, and possibly old cell phones. The items would be sent to which will in turn issue a refund for the products sent in. The plan is to collect stuff from boxes once a week, unless more is needed. Boxes will be near the front desk in each hall. All money will go to the children’s center because they need a lot of help with fundraising.  Point of Information- This was done last year for SAGE, something like this has been approved by RHA in past years.  .  Greg Loreti moved to end discussion, seconded by Jenny Restock. Consent called by Megan Reddin, discussion closed. This will be brought back to LITs and will be voted on at the next meeting

ii.      Emily Lorenz – French Dip- Emily will present at next meeting due to the lack of technology.

xi.            Funds Requests

i.      Joe Jent – Boo-Lated Halloween Bash! Representing the West side campuses. West side will be presenting the second annual haunted house. This is a program that is put on mostly by RAs. This year they have a haunted courtyard, haunted hallway, and two rooms, one of which will be a general spooks room, another will be a demented circus theme. This event is Thursday November 3rd from 7-10pm.  Tomorrow night at 6:30in Starin Hall there will be a meeting, if anyone wants to help they can, but the acting will be done only by RA’s.  . Last year’s numbers were around 220 people.  Last year RHA sponsored this event they gave $250.00, and used about $220. Requesting $300.00 from RHA for food and different props. The request is for a larger monetary value because the presentation will be bigger than last year. The money will be used to buy more sustainable items because West side would like this to happen every year. (This event is free to everyone.)  Megan Reddin moved to end discussion David Kirst seconded it. Consent called by Nicole Holder, discussion closes.

xii.            Old Business

xiii.            New Business

i.      RA Funds Request Form- This is the new way of requesting RA funds. There needs to be a committee, they will meet about five minutes before each RHA meeting. The small committee will vote on the requests, and they will be announced at the meeting. A signup sheet has been sent around.

xiv.            Issues/Food Comments

xv.            Final Thoughts: please sign the picture frame before the end of the meeting. Shirley will also be receiving two gift cards.

xvi.            Adjournment: President Dan entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Cole Wohler moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by David Kirst. Consent called by Megan Reddin, meeting is adjourned at 8:16pm.


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Hall Announcements

CBC: Bigelow Boo Bash:

Wednesday October 26 8 pm in Bigelow Basement