Arey Kat Meier Kolin Hamilton
Benson Kelli Sobczak David Kirst
Clem Megan Reddin VACANT
Bigelow Nicole Holder VACANT
Fricker Sam Pick Jenny Restock
Starin Ernesto Cantu- Valencia Gina Rudella
Starin Con’t Chris Kautza
Goodhue VACANT
Fox Meadows Caleb Janowski VACANT
Cambridge VACANT Amanda Schmitt
Tutt Dan Fink Sarah Bregant
Wellers Devon Winfrey Tara Husemann
Wells East Connie Noble Chelsey Gabrhel
Wells East Cole Wohler Jacob Tripp
Wells West VACANT Sheldon Bean
Wells West M-Kay Rose David Hawkenson
NRHH Cody Schmittinger Mindy Otto


John Witte Kevan  Hayden
Ain Sanchez Kayla McIntosh
Jenny Rogers Joe Jent
Maria Glorioso Sh’Nita Mitchell
Linsday Gustin Brian Pilsner

i.            Call to order: meeting was called to order at 8:17 pm

ii.            Roll Call

iii.            Approval of the Minutes Megan Reddin moved to approve the minutes. Jacob Tripp seconded this. Consent called by Chris Kautza.

iv.            Executive Reports

i.      President Dan- Lots of emails sent out, worked on proposals, spoke to Financial Aid, arranged speakers for the next meetings, resovled straw issue at Esker

ii.      Vice President Vicki- got the receipts from Shirley’s gift, deposited check from OCM for welcome care packages, and working on getting more bookstore gift cards

iii.      NCC Emily- GLACURH conference is next weekend, busy preparing for that. Roll Call will be shown at one of the next meetings.

iv.      Co Programmers Lauren and Stef- Happy Halloween and Happy Homecoming! The apple orchard program was great and a lot of fun, thanks to all who came.  There is going to be a toga party November 12, watch for more information to come. A big thank you to Rachel for the awesome signs. Whitewater’s Got Talent audition are November 7and 8.

v.      PRD Rachel- made signs for WWGT, still working on the website.

v.            Advisor Reports

i.      Lindsay Gustin- GLACURH is next weekend, please, if you are a lady that wants to come, email Emily ASAP!! Honorariums will be sent out to evaluate the E Board. Please fill this out by Monday at midnight.

vi.            NRHH Report

vii.            ARA Report

viii.            Committee Report(s)

i.      Wellness Committee- Fisher is undergoing construction, and it will be a wellness building. If you have an interest in sitting on this committee, contact Dan please.

ix.            Approval of the Budget: Kelli Sobczak Seconded by David Kirst. Motion passed with a 27-0-6

x.            Guest Speakers

i.      Emily Lorenz – French Dip: we have the great opportunity to host French Dip in the spring time. It is a business conference for WURHA.  We would need a conference chair as well as people to head up committees: Budget, transportation, volunteer, hospitality, dining, lodging, registration, etc. So what are we asking from you? We ask for some monetary support, no more than $2500 and a minimum of 8 people to help out (but we need a lot more volunteers). This would be a great resume builder!! This is a great way to put our name out there and show other Wisconsin schools how AWESOME we are. This will be either April 13-14 or April 20-21.

xi.            Funds Requests

i.      Jill Millan – UHCS- wants to bring to campus Operation Beautiful. The organization encourages students to post notes all over campus with positive messages.  Caitlin Boyle would like to present here at UWW. With funding, we can allow Caitlin to come here the last week in February. This presentation would be open to 250-350 people, including students, staff and others. The funds request is for any amount, but they would like $500.00. Because Jill is not here, no question can be asked, so this will be brought back to LITs and voted on at next week’s meeting.  (If you have important questions, email Dan and he will try to get your question answered.)

ii.      Joe Jent – Boo-Lated Halloween Bash-  Funds request for $300.00 for the Halloween haunted house put on by the West side. Megan Reddin moved to end discussion. Seconded by Ernesto Cantu- Valencia. Consent called by Nicole Holder. Kelli Sobczak moved to approve the funds request. Seconded by M-Kay Rose. Motion passed with a vote of 26-0-6.

iii.      GLAURH – Mindy Otto, here to ask for GLACURH philanthropy. This is going to Kate’s Books. This is an organization that sends books to children in the hospital. She is requesting $700.00 for this. They will also be selling ghost suckers to raise money. Additionally, if you have any books that are in good condition that you would like to donate, you can bring them to the RHA office before next weekend. Kate’s Books is located in Indiana, and the proceeds benefit hospitals in that area. (Because that is where the conference is being held).  Because these funds are needed for next weekend and because the funds are time sensitive, this will be voted on tonight. Connie Noble moved to end discussion. Seconded by Caleb Janowski. Consent called by Cole Wohler. Connie Noble moved to approve the amount. Seconded by David Kirst. Motion passed with a vote of 22-0-10.

xii.            Old Business- Teracycle Program- Call to question by Cole Wohler. Seconded by Chris Kautza. Consent called by Megan Reddin. Motion passed with a vote of  30-0-2

xiii.            New Business

i.      Compensation review packet- The first packet is full of information from numerous different schools regarding their RHA duties and compensation.  The second packet includes information comparing student organizations across Whitewater’s campus. RHA E board would like to receive a different form of compensation. There is not a proposal for how this pay shift would work, but we will have a proposal for next week.  This is something to bring back to your LITs and get a general consensus regarding support. * This is the same idea as the gender neutral housing; the assembly will not be approving or denying this, but offering their support.

xiv.            Issues/Food Comments

xv.            Final Thoughts

xvi.            Adjournment: Connie Noble moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by David Kirst, consent called by Megan Reddin. Meeting adjourned at 9:16 pm.


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Happy Homecoming

Happy Halloween

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