Meeting Minutes


Assembly Attendance

Arey Brandon Armotope Mariah Mohammadian
Benson Kelli Sobczak David Kirst
Clem Megan Reddin Kelley Agnew
Bigelow Nicole Holder VACANT
Lee Jordan Toburen Alex Steeno
Fricker Sam Pick Jenny Restock
Starin Ernesto Cantu- Valencia Gina Rudella
Starin Con’t Chris Kautza
Goodhue VACANT
Fox Meadows Caleb Janowski Greg Loreti
Cambridge Erin Powers Amanda Schmitt
Tutt Sarah Bregant VACANT
Wellers Devon Winfrey Tara Husemann
Knilans Emily Rigg Kyle Knopes
Wells East Chelsey Gabrhel Connie Noble
Wells East Cole Wohler Jacob Tripp
Wells West Sheldon Bean M-Kay Rose
Wells West Mishaela Korenak VACANT
NRHH Cody Schmittinger Catherine Gancei

Gallery Attendance

Greg Federslpiel Clark Gehler
Jessica Cook Brandon Campbell
John Boie Luis Benevogleinti
Steven Mickelson Ariel Powers Schaub
Nicole Pecher Kelsey Tomaz
Kaela Lindquist Taylor  Wisniewski
Andrea Visauer Janelle Hineman
Paige Muehlenkamp Mindy Otto
Officer Steve Kevan Haylor
Pamela Lisowe Brian Pilsner
Nick Szydlowski Joe Jent
Tawny Martinez Jay Bazylewicz
Kayla McIntosh MyKayla MoDonald
Katie Metecoife Rebecca McHugh
Aaron Smuck Tim Moffett

i.            Call to order- Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

ii.            Roll Call

iii.            Approval of the Minutes- Sheldon Bean moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Megan Reddin. Nicole Holder called consent, minutes were approved.

iv.            Executive Reports

i.      President Dan- met with housing committee, more details about that later.

ii.      Vice President Vicki- Gave LITs their money, reimbursed Bekah, paid BLT registration and WURHA re-affiliation fee. Start thinking about helping with Halloween care packages, they will be arriving in a few weeks.

iii.      Exec. Assistant Bekah- updated the RHA email sheet.

iv.      NCC Emily- will be attending BLT this weekend, along with Paige Muehlenkamp and Emily Miethke. She is preparing for GLACURH as well. The bid is almost finished.

v.      Co- Programmers Lauren and Stef- called apple barn, will have a date for the next meeting. November 12 will be the badger hockey game, keep an eye out for dates to start signing up. NRHH and RHA will be co- hosting a program. Whitewater’s got Talent is a work in progress, but it will not be until November in case anyone is wondering.  Again, if anyone is interested in helping with a program or has program ideas, please contact Lauren or Stef.

vi.      PRD Rachel- Rachel made posters for the Goodhue open house this past weekend. The website is improving. The PR committee is set up, as soon as program dates have been confirmed the committee will get to work. The October newsletter will be out next week.

v.            Advisor Reports

vi.            Luis- Next week Terry will be bringing up gender neutral housing, so please be thinking of any questions you have about this subject.

vii.            NRHH Report- There is a study night October 17 8 pm in Clem. There will be puppy chow!!

viii.            ARA Report- at the next meeting dates will be confirmed for some of the events.

ix.            Committee Report(s)

i.      Housing –Dan presented an updated spreadsheet of housing ideas for next year. These were discussed during the meeting, and as soon as a decision is made you will be informed.

ii.      Stef Smith- will be sitting on the Dining Services committee, meetings start this upcoming Friday.

x.            Approval of the Budget Megan Reddin moved to approve the budget. Seconded by Cole Wohler. Budget approved, passed with a vote of 32-0-7.

xi.            Guest Speakers

SPILL- President Jessica Cook, Vice President Clark Gehler, and Vice President of Confidentiality Greg Federspiel came to speak about Spill. Spill is a national organization; it stands for Supporting Peer In Laidback Listening.  This is a way for students to receive feedback and advice from other students on campus. Students can send in any sort of a problem, and they will get feedback from 6-8 other students on campus that have been through a similar situation. This is completely anonymous and is done all electronically. Spill wants our help, needs student supporters. There is one training session required. The student supporters are walked through specific spills, and all responses are screened to prevent inappropriate responses. Also, shirts are for sale, $10.00. Spill would like to put flyers in halls.. If interested in being on E board, there will be elections held next semester.   (If an emergency is reported, the appropriate administration will be contacted.)

The Riddle:
A farmer has to transport a fox, a goose and a sack of grain across a river. The boat is so small that there is room only for him and one of the others at a time, but if he leaves the fox and goose together the fox will kill the goose, and if the goose and the sack of grain are left together the goose will eat the grain. How does he get them all over?

Sheldon Bean moved to close discussion. Seconded by M-Kay Rose Sheldon Bean called consent. Chris Kautza opposed consent and moved to extend discussion. Seconded by Ernesto Cantu- Valencia. Vote to extend discussion 2- 28-7. Motion was not approved and discussion closed.

xii.            Funds Requests

xiii.            Old Business

i.      UWW Police- Bait Bike program needs $5000.00 more. Floor opened up for discussion. Chris Kautza moved to approve $5000.00 to give to UWW Police. No second, the motion fails. Megan Reddin moved to approve $3000.00 for bait bike. Seconded by Chris Kautza. Kyle Knopes made a friendly amendment to change the amount to $1500.00. Megan Reddin approved the friendly amendment. Call to question by Emily Rigg. Seconded by Kelly Agnew. Motion moved to a vote.  20-10-7. Motion passed; $1500.00 will go to UWW Police.

ii.      John Boie – Wheelchair Basketball, requesting monetary support for traveling expenses. Original amount requested was $300.00. Sheldon Bean moved to end discussion. Seconded by M- Kay Rose. Consent called by Megan Reddin. Cole Wohler moved to approve the $300.00. Seconded by Sheldon Bean. Motion passed with a vote of 30-0-7.  $300.00 will go to Wheelchair Basketball.

xiv.            New Business

i.      Meeting Location – Due to the fact that our meetings have grown in numbers immensely, we may be switching meeting to the ballroom. Discussion is opened up to see what people think of moving rooms. There are a few days that we might only have half of the ballroom, but even half of the ballroom is bigger than our current room. (If we do move, everyone will be notified.)

xv.            Final Thoughts: All cells phones should be put away and on silent during the meetings. It is disrespectful to other assembly members and to the speakers.

Tara Husemann is the winner of the theme this week.

Emily Lorenz – next week we will be starting dinners. The first one will be held downstairs in Uno’s, be in line early if you are using meal plans, around 5:30-5:45.

xvi.            Adjournment:  Sheldon Bean moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by M Kay Rose. Consent called by Mariah Mohammadian. Meeting adjourned at 8:31pm.