Assembly Attendance

Arey Santania Hood Mariah Mohammadian
Benson Kelli Sobczak David Kirst
Bigelow Nicole Holder VACANT
Lee Jordan Toburen Alex Steeno
Fricker Sam Pick Jenny Restock
Starin Ernesto Cantulla Gina Rudella
Starin Con’t Chris Kautza  
Goodhue VACANT  
Fox Meadows Caleb Janowski Greg Loreti
Cambridge Erin Powers Amanda Schmitt
Tutt Nate Karls VACANT
Wellers Devon Winfrey Tara Husemann
Knilans Dayna Mackie VACANT
Wells East Cole Wohler Connie Noble
Wells East Zach Knudson Sheldon Bean
NRHH Cody Schmittinger Tawny Martinez

Gallery Attendance

Maria Gloroso
Nick Szydlowski
Kai Insteford
Cameron Nawer
Krista Paul
Nick Rosseter
Jessica Gritton
Zach Kohler
Kaylee Schull
Chelsey Gabrhel
Jacob Tripp
Luis Benevoglienti
Sami Williams
Kinberly Kim
Sara Stahnke
Sh’Nita Mitchell
Matt Westphal
Chris Hollar
Elvisa Pasic
Paige Muehlenkamp
Brian Pilsner
Jenny Rogers
Kayla McInntosh
Mindy Diedrich-Otto
Alyssa McClain
Sean VanAucken
Ariel Powers-Schaub
Lindsay Gustin
Lance Kohls
Nicole Pecher
Whitney Supianoski
AnnaMarie Agnello
Joe Jent
Brandon Lee


RHA Meeting Agenda

September 21, 2011

Call to order- Meeting was called to order at 7:02pm

How RHA can benefit you as an assembly member –

 President Dan directed assembly to refer to the sheets included in the binders. There are many different ways that RHA can benefit everyone: It is a great leadership opportunity, it can develop lasting friends, you will gain recognition on campus and in the halls, you have the chance to be the voice for the entire on campus student body. This is also a great chance to be able to volunteer for committees and have a say in some of the “bigger decisions” made on campus (ex: dining services, fund distribution, building projects, etc).

How LIT and RHA work together-

We all operate as one big family. Just because there are specific people that sit on RHA assembly doesn’t mean that others are not an equally important part of this organization. RHA reps are required to bring back the information talked about at RHA meetings to their LITS and get feedback from your respective LITs. 

Executive Reports

 i.       President Dan-worked on getting separate email accounts for everyone, and is really enjoying his one on one’s. Dan has been working hard preparing for the meeting as well.

 ii.      Vice President Vicki- has prepared an updated budget for this year. This has taken a lot of work and she has spent many hours on this. Also, Vicki is the go- to person as far as care packages, so if there are any questions regarding them, feel free to ask

  iii.      Executive Assistant Bekah- has been working on the binders for assembly members, also has some new ideas for recognition. In addition, there have been some minor changes made for the RA incentive program: In order to receive points for an office visit, the RA must stay and talk for at least five minutes, and must be up here for the sole purpose of visiting RHA.

 iv.      NCC-WCC Emily- APPLICATIONS FOR GLACURH ARE DUE 9-21-2011 BY NOON. Keep in mind that you can ask your respective LIT to sponsor the registration fees for this. Emily will be attending the BLT conference in three weeks, but this is not a conference that is open to everyone.

v.      Co-Programmer Lauren- is currently working out the logistics for some of the first programs. She is currently working on the Badger hockey game as well as an outdoor movie.  Lauren would really like to see help from the assembly with programs, so if you are interested in helping, please let her know.

 vi.      Co-Programmer Stef- starting to work on an alcohol awareness program, as well as on a trip to an apple orchard. If anyone has programming ideas that they would like to share, please let Stef or Lauren know.

vii.      Public Relations Director Rachel- She is currently working on updating the website. Make sure to like us on Facebook (RHA uwwhitewater). She is also working on the display cases in the buildings. Rachel would really like to try to go green with promotions for events, so she is working on that. Also, she is thinking about having a committee to assist her with public relations. If you think this is something that you would like to do, please let her know.

Advisor Reports

  1. Lindsay- just wants to welcome everyone to RHA, and is glad to see such a big turnout, is the direct advisor for the PRD
  2. Ariel- wants everyone to come back next week, directly advises the Co- Programmers
  3. Luis- says hello and welcomes everyone, is the direct advisor to President and Executive Assistant
  4. Terry- in currently out of town, but was introduced by Luis. He is the associate Director of Residence Life, and is the direct advisor for the Vice President and NCC-WCC.

Approval of the Budget – President Dan entertained a motion to approve the budget. Sheldon Bean moved to approve the budget. Motion was seconded by Mariah Mohammadian. Budget approval passed with a vote of 28-0-7.

New Business

Guest Speakers

Chris Hollar was the first guest speaker of the night. She presented the Dialogue on Human Perspective. This is a program that will happen September 30 2001, from 1-7pm in Esker 108. There will be dinner served. This is a program that really comes alive through the student voice. There will be some things that take you outside of your comfort zone, but there will be debriefing afterwards. She highly encourages all of us to go. Sheldon Bean attended the previous year and said it is a great program to go to.  If you have any questions, email her at She works in the Career and Leadership Development office in the UC.

Elvisa Pasic- Announced the EMERGE program. This is a five weeks seminar designed to assist students in developing and practicing real life leadership skills. There are a few separate dates for the program. Tuesday at 2pm or 5pm, Wednesday at 2pm, and Friday at 1pm. There are five positions open still, so if you would like to be a part of this, sign up. There is more information available online and you an register online as well at uww.blogleadership,, and you can follow them on Twitter @ uwwlead. If these times do not work out for everyone, they would be more than happy to run some additional sessions, and if there is a RA who would like to put this on as a floor event that is perfectly acceptable as well.

Funds Requests

viii.      Bekah Geffert – Incentive Program Request- requested $50.00 to purchase candy needed for new assembly recognition program.  The $50.00 may or may not be enough to cover expenses for the semester; it depends on how big a hit the new recognition is.  If additional funds are needed, another request will be made. President Dan opened the floor up for discussion on this. Connie Noble moved to close discussion. This was seconded by Sheldon Bean. Consent was called by Megan Reddin, and discussion was closed.

Megan Reddin then moved to approve the $50.00 fund request. This was seconded by Chris Kautza. The vote passed with a count of 28-0-7. Funds request was approved.

Final Thoughts- President Dan asked everyone to consider sitting on a committee, there are quite a few different committees that really would like representation. If you are interested, talke to Dan about this.

Chris Hollar would like to point out that the DIALOGUE program is the Friday of Family Weekend, so many students should be around for this. It will not interfere with the events planned for the weekend, but it would be a great this to attend before  family arrives. She also has posters if anyone would like them.

GLACURH applications are due Thursday by NOON.

Don’t forget the theme for next week’s meeting: WARHAWK SPIRIT DAY!

Adjournment:  President Dan entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Sheldon Bean moved to adjourn meeting. The motion was seconded by Katie Herlache. Consent was called by Megan Reddin. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.


The executive board looks good tonight =)

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Dan is so cute

We need a dentist in the Health Center