RHA Meeting Minutes 9-28-2011

Arey Santania Hood Mariah Mohammadian
Benson Brandon Campbell Kegean Fox
Clem Megan Reddin Kelley Agnew
Bigelow Nicole Holder VACANT
Lee Jordan Toburen Alex Steeno
Fricker Sam Pick Jenny Restock
Starin Ernesto Cantu- Valencia Gina Rudella
Starin Con’t Chris Kautza
Goodhue VACANT
Fox Meadows Caleb Janowski Greg Loreti
Cambridge VACANT Amanda Schmitt
Tutt Nate Karls Dan Fink
Wellers Devon Winfrey Tara Husemann
Knilans Emily Rigg Kyle Knopes
Wells East Cole Wohler Connie Noble
Wells East Zach Knudson Jacob Tripp
Wells West Sheldon Bean M-Kay Rose
Wells West Mishaela Korenak VACANT
NRHH Cody Schmittinger Paige Muehlenkamp

Gallery Attendance

Joe Jent
Krista Paul
John Boie
Amelia Tobais
Bianca Hey
Wes Stuckert
Nicole Pecher
Dan DiSalvo
Lance Kohls
Zach Kohls
Luis Benevoglienti
Ariel Powers-Schaub
Lindsay Gustin
Patty Huth
Jessica Gritton
Mike Mifflin
David Peters
Paige Muehlenkamp
Cody Schmittinger
Officer Steve
Niki Kwig

Called to order at 7:02 pm

Representative from UWW TV.  The meetings will be recorded. This is the start of something new, but RHA is going to be filmed. The meetings will be put together in an hour long program, running on UWW TV starting on Friday up through Wednesday. They will be run once or twice a day Friday-Wednesday, most likely in the afternoon. Just a reminder, UWW TV is channel 100. (Off campus apartments do not get this channel as they are through a different cable service provider).

If there are issues with cable, most all of these issues will go to ResNet, extension 3233.

Approval of the minutes: Mariah Mohammadian moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Megan Reddin. Chris Kautza called consent, minutes are approved.

How RHA can benefit the halls:

When a program is put on, we invite everyone and form one large community to benefit the halls. When we work together, we pull everyone together. Not only is RHA a great way to gain leadership, but conferences are too. Our very own Emily Lorenz is a testimony to this. It is only because she decided to attend conferences that she is now the current NCC/WCC, and an exemplary leader on campus.

In addition to the friendships and leadership experiences, RHA is a great source of additional support for programs in the halls. RHA loves to support our LITS.

Executive Reports-

President Dan- went to the Residence Life Room Reapplication Process Committee, and they are working on housing for next year. Attached to the minutes is a spreadsheet with a breakdown of rooms and beds for next year. Take a look at this, and Dan will present an updated copy next week.

Vice President Vicki- She is working on cutting checks to LITS, they should be sent out soon.

NCC/WCC Emily Lorenz- Will be attending BLT October 7-8, accompanied by NRHH president and Lindsay Gustin, the advisor for the conference. GLACURH delegates have been chosen, congratulations to everyone. There are three alternates, and hopefully all of them will be able to come as well! Meetings have been set up for the delegates, and they will be meeting up until the conference. Also, Emily is working along with her bid team to bid for large school of the year at GLACURH.

Co-Programmer Lauren- Due to the weather, the outdoor movie will need to be pushed back to spring. Lauren is working on a safer sex program, but no details will be released yet! If anyone has any programming ideas they would like to see happen, please get ahold of Lauren or Stef to let them know. There were purple sheets passed around at the meeting to write down programming ideas.

Co- Programmer Stef- has been in contact with the appropriate people for an alcohol awareness program, and also in contact with the apple orchard. She is just awaiting responses before she can go any further.

Advisor Reports-

Luis- October 20-21 there is a campus diversity open dialogue. Four E-board members will be participating in the program. Please make a point to attend.

Lindsay- super-duper pumped for GLACURH.

Ariel- really great to see everyone :)

NRHH Report- Tonight was the second meeting of the year, talked about GLACURH, set the rest of the meeting times for the semester and set budget. Divided group into committees to work on specified tasks.

ARA- Mike Mifflin- Working on a campus wide fundraiser- an RA pie in the face. In the process of working on OTM’s. Also working on different programs on campus that will be open for everyone.  If there are any ideas, contact Mike or ARA and let them know.

Committee Reports- if you want to join a committee, look online to see what committees there are, and email Dan if interested in sitting on them.–This doesn’t have to be someone who is RHA Rep. It can be anyone in the Residence Halls.

Approval of the budget- Mishaela Korenak moved to approve the budget. The motion was seconded by Sheldon Bean. Budget is approved with a vote of 32-0-7.

RIDDLE: I am the beginning of sorrow, and the end of sickness. You cannot express happiness without me, yet I am in the midst of crosses. I am always in risk, yet never in danger. You may find me in the sun, but I am never out of darkness.

New Business—

John Boie- Represents WW wheelchair basketball team. The team travels all around the US to compete. They are the current champions. John is here to request money to help fund travel expenses. Requesting $300.00. The three hundred will help them out, and as a sponsor our name will be put on the back of their shirts.

There are 3 out of seven members of the team who live in the Res Halls.

President Dan opened the floor to discussion of the funds request. Sheldon Bean moved to end discussion about John Boie’s fund request.  Cole Wohler seconded it, consent called by Megan Reddin. Discussion is closed. The request will be voted on at next week’s meeting.

UWW- Officer Steve- Bait Bike Program- Since April 2009, 128 bikes stolen. This is one bike every 6 days. Other than sexual assault, bike crime is the second most underreported crime. The police have implemented a “Lock it or Lose it” program that includes free bike registration and a discount for a bike lock.  However, this has still not fixed the problem. Trek donated 2 bait bikes, but once the bikes get stolen, there is no way of tracking them.

The Police Department would like to purchase ProAct 4. This is a stolen property tracking program… uses radioactive waves to track stolen property. The system sends a signal to a transmitter and alerts police that the stolen property is being moved. There are some extra accessories that are included with this purchase.

This will cost a total of $8580.00 Trek donated $1000.00 for the bikes, but we still need more. Residence Life has donated $2000.00 for this program, but they are still short money. There is no set amount that the police are requesting, but they would like as much as we would be willing to provide. One important point to keep in mind is that this program can be used on more than just bikes, it is meant for any property that gets stolen.

This will continue to be discussed at next week’s meeting.

RA Funds Request-

Amelia Tobias- requesting RA Funds request for Fox Meadows. Goal is to promote community in the apartments. There is an open door tracking sheet, and if the door is open then the door will get a sticker. The three doors with the most stickers at the end of the semester will get a pizza party.

President Dan opened the floor for discussion on the request. Sheldon Bean moved to end discussion.  Brandon Campbell seconded the motion.  Cole Wohler called consent, motion is approved and discussion is closed.

Sheldon Bean moved to approve to funds request.  Kegean Fox seconded this.   A vote yielded the results 32-0-6. Ra funds approved.

Final thoughts

Sheldon- There is not enough parking places in lot 8, even for those who have a parking permit.

Cole Wohler is the winner of this week’s theme.

President Dan entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kegean Fox moved to adjourn the meeting M-Kay Rose seconded the motion.  Paige Muehlenkamp called consent. Meeting is adjourned at 8:46pm.

Shout out to Spill and Starin.

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