On December 6, 2018…

We held an open mic night event where people could come and perform their talent. Here are the videos of the performances in case you missed it:

Dan Hudson and Justin Dickerson

Hailey Gould and Harlow


“Justin Bieber” (Lauren Bardenwerper), Macy Benish, Gina Wagner, Olivia Luschei, Emma Passig, and Samantha Griffith


Dylon George


Mariah Carson


Lani Gahiji, Tiera Brown, and Teyonda Hamler


Christopher Mathews


Tony Qian


Gaige Obst


Devontae Sisk (Shortened Version)


Keith Malueg


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University Police & RHA present: Coffee with the Cops! Join us in Jitters on Tuesday focusing on alcohol awareness.… https://t.co/UK7g7L2isz
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