RA Incentive Program

The purpose of RHA’s RA Incentive Program is to foster an environment that encourages increased participation, support, collaboration and cohesiveness between the Residence Hall Association and the Resident Assistants.

It will be the responsibility of each RA participating in the RHA’s RA Incentive Program to report all attendances, and participation in RHA events by sending an e-mail to rha@uww.edu.  RA’s are asked to please turn in points in a timely fashion.  There will be no point totals accepted after the end of the semester deadline, this will be set by RHA.

It will also be the responsibility of each RA participating in RHA’s RA Incentive Program to sign in at RHA sponsored events.

The RHA Executive Assistant will record point totals for all of the RAs who send in their participation and check it against the signup sheets.

Ways to earn points


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