Meeting Attendance:

– First RHA attended meeting for the semester – 10 points

– Subsequent RHA attended meetings – 5 points

– Bring/Send residents to meetings – 3 points per resident per meeting, excluding assembly and e-board members

– Each RA will receive an extra point if they participate in the theme.

– Each RA will receive 1 point per “You Rule” award submission (Maximum 5 points per month for this category)

*RA’s earn points for attending meetings that they are requesting RHA funds.

Program Attendance/Support:

First RHA attended program for the semester – 8 points

– Subsequent RHA attended programs – 4 points

– Volunteering to help on site at a program – 15 points (voids the attendance points)

– Help to co-coordinate/plan program with RHA – 20 points (voids the attendance points for this program)

– Bring/Send residents to RHA sponsored program – 4 points per resident

Conference Attendance/Support:

Apply to attend an RHA conference – 5 points for applying, an additional 5 points if selected and attended (if selected and decline to attend, no points will be earned).

Selected, attended and successfully implemented a program, initiative or idea that they saw at a RHA conference – 20 points
– Encourage a resident to apply and attend a RHA conference – 5 points

Present at an RHA conference – 20 points

Serve on a bid team – up to 20 points, total points will be decided by the bid team chair, in consultation with the RHA Advisor.


Write an OTM – 3 points

Write an OTM that wins at the state, regional, and/or national level – 8, 12, 15 points, respectively

Visit the RHA/NRHH Office – 2 point (10 points max per semester)