What conferences does RHA attend?

RHA attends multiple conferences a year, at state level, regional level, and the national level.

NACURH stands for National Association of College and University Residence Halls. NACURH has one main conference a year. NACURH is further split up into regions (GLACURH (our region), MACURH, IACURH, PACURH, SWACURH, SAACURH, CAACURH, AND NEACURH) which hold conferences at a regional level twice a year. For more information on NACURH, click here!

GLACURH stands for Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. GLACURH has two conferences a year, the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) and Regional Business Conference (RBC). For more information on GLACURH, visit the business conference site, or the leadership conference site!

WURHA stands for Wisconsin United Residence Hall Association. WURHA has three conferences a year, Fall Business Conference (FBC), WURHA Leadership Conference (WLC), and Spring Business Conference (SBC). This organization is not affiliated with GLACURH or NACURH, and is at the state level. For more information on WURHA, click here!


When do these conferences take place?

Every year, our National Communications Coordinator (with the NRHH – Communications Coordinator) attends a total of six conferences:

  1. Fall Business Conference* (WURHA Business) takes place in October.
  2. GLACURH Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) takes place in November.
  3. WURHA Leadership Conference takes place in February.
  4. GLACURH Regional Business Conference* (RBC) takes place in March.
  5. Spring Business Conference* (WURHA Business) takes place in April.
  6. NACURH Conference takes place in May or June.

*Business conferences are attended only by our NCCs and NRHH-CCs.


What happens at a conference?


For a delegate (selected individuals from the residence halls), there are several things that take place at a conference. At every leadership conference, there’s an opening ceremony. This is where delegates cheer, chant, hear motivational speakers, watch roll call videos (to introduce each school), and kick off the start of the conference. It is a great way to trade pins and meet new people from different schools. The first night normally offers different forms of entertainment that run throughout the night. Entertainment could be anything, but some examples would be: recreational activities, different types of contests, or karaoke. This gives delegates more of an opportunity to meet new people, show spirit, and have fun!

The next day is usually the biggest part of the conference. Each delegate will go off on their own to a program of their choosing. There will be many sessions throughout the day that hold several different program options. These programs are just like the programs that can be done on campus – just on a smaller scale – and are probably great ideas to bring back. Once all the sessions are completed, they usually choose the top program ideas and repeat them. Later on this day, there’s a banquet where awards are handed out. These awards come from OTM’s** and other spirited items that relate to the conference. After the awards banquet, there’s several different things that could happen. These events usually include swap shot, a dance party, socials, and other forms of entertainment. There’s normally hospitality at the hotels for each night you stay.

Please note that every conference is different. It is very possible that something mentioned above won’t happen. It is also possible that more events could be added. This is just an example or hint of what could potentially take place.


This section will be updated in the near future. Please contact our NCC for any questions or more information by emailing her at

**Click here to learn more about OTM’s

How do I apply?

To apply to a conference, go to RHA’s Connect UWW page, click on Forms, and select the application. GLACURH RLC application is released in September, the WURHA application is released in November, and the NACURH application is released in March. The NCC will also send out an email with a link when they are open.

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