Hockey Game

An email has been sent out! We will be hosting a Hockey Night at a Milwaukee Admirals game on Tuesday, March 20th. Hopefully you’re one of the first 50 people to score a chance to go for only $5!


Lil’ Sibs

This year’s theme is Lil’ Sibs: The Board Game! Lil’ Sibs Weekend will take place Friday April 6th – Sunday April 8th. Check out our homepage blog post for all details!





Who doesn’t love rubber ducks!? They’re so creative and fun! The peacock duck won over the elephant duck 26:16!
Well friends, if you don’t know what to get your significant other when you have a budget, stick to the chocolates!…
Put on your stripes! Assembly voted stripes over polka dots 38-14!
iPhone or Samsung? Assembly voted iPhone with a whopping 40-21!
Hope you’re all adjusting to the new semester well!! Just a reminder that our first meeting of the semester is THIS…
Hey Friends!! RHA is sponsoring a blood drive. Please consider coming out to donate! Details are in the poster!
Better watch out because our assembly prefers snowball fights over building snowman!! 22-15
Flamin’ Hot or Original? Our assembly voted original! 22-14
Although puppies won 25-13, who doesn’t love all animals!? Especially these cute fur babies ❤️
Come out and see the performances of your fellow residents! Whitewater's Got Talent is on Thursday, December 7th fr…