General Information


What is RHA?

RHA is here to represent the residents in UWW Residence Halls, bring leadership and programs to foster community, and to provide social, cultural, and intellectual development. We also review and uphold university housing policies and procedures and act as a link between administration and the residents.

RHA feels that by doing this, communication and cooperation between the residence halls and other university organizations will formulate maximum representation of the residence hall students.

We are made up of representatives from each complex’s Leadership Involvement Teams (LIT). To get involved, talk to your complex director.


Social Media & Contact Info

To find the most up to date information on RHA, find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

RHA Facebook – Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA Instagram – @uwwrha

RHA Twitter – @uwwrha

Use #uwwrha if you post anything with RHA in it on social media!

Our office is located in Goodhue 228. Our office number is 262-472-4903. Please check our office hours to see when someone will be available to answer your call. If those times are inconvenient, email any of the executive board and we will get back to you! Our emails can be found here.


External Committees

The committees listed below have a representative attend RHA meetings. In return, we also have a representative attend their meetings. This can be one or multiple people. The current external committees are:

  • Recreational Sports Committee
  • University Dining Services Committee
If you are interested in representing your organization in RHA, contact the RHA President at

Funds Request

Each semester, LIT groups can request up to $100, and will be reimbursed after we receive a receipt. In order to receive funding, the LIT group must fill out the form below, turn it into the office for approval, and then give all receipts to the RHA Vice President. For any questions on this, email the vice president at

LIT Fund Request

For any other fund request, please email



Below you will find our RHA Constitution:

RHA Constituion – Revised 4.19.17




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