2018-2019 RHA Executive Board

Phone Number:  262-472-4903

Come visit us in our office located in 228 GoodhueHall!

Meet the Executive Board!


President: Erin Kaplan

Work Email: rhapresident@uww.edu

Erin is currently a senior. She is a General Business major. One thing she is looking forward to this year in RHA is working with the fantastic executive board. A fun fact about her is that she has been to Spain and Morocco.











Vice President: Emily Martinsen
Work Email: rhavp@uww.edu

Emily is a junior majoring in History with an emphasis in Public History. She is also minoring in International Studies. She is very excited to work with the executive board members to continue to develop RHA so it can be the best it can be for the students. A fun fact about her is that she has been to seven music concerts!











Executive Assistant: Owen Poskin

Work Email: rhaassist@uww.edu

Owen is a sophomore this year. His major is Information Technology (IT). Owen is looking forward to meeting and working with the new RHA assembly and executive board to continue to have fun and encourage fun in RHA. A fun fact about him is that his nickname is the “P-Street Papa” since he works at the Prairie Street Market on campus.











National Communications Coordinator (NCC): Ethan Meudt

Work Email: ncc@uww.edu

Ethan is a senior. His major is History with a Public History emphasis. He is looking forward to working with new and returning student leaders that are eager to grow personally and professionally. In addition, he is excited to bring potential delegates to conferences while educating RHA Representatives and others on the benefits of conferences with the organizations they run through. A fun face about him is that he is an avid Disney fan and child at heart!










Co-Programmer: Jordan Lemke

Work Email: rhaprograms@uww.edu

Jordan is a senior and a Biology major with an emphasis in Marine and Freshwater Ecology. She is looking forward to putting on great programs for all the students on campus. A fun fact about her is that she graduated from UW – Fond du Lac with an Associate of Arts and Science Degree in the spring of 2017 before coming to UW-Whitewater.










Co-Programmer: Rachel Hegreberg

Work Email: rhaprograms@uww.edu

Rachel is a junior. Her major is Elementary Education with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. She is looking forward to making RHA a well-known and fun place to be. A fun fact about her is that her guilty pleasure is the Bring It On movie series. 











Marketing Coordinator: Nicholas Bachtell      

Work Email: BachtellNT23@uww.edu

Nick is a junior majoring in Human Resources Management. He is looking forward to coming up with creative ways to market RHA this year. A fun fact about him is that he is a diehard Milwaukee Bucks fan. Fear the Deer!











Each RHA Executive Board member will put in a minimum number of five (5) office hours each week and be available by appointment.  This will allow representatives of the residence halls to come in and seek supplies, assistance, etc.  These office hours will also be used by the RHA Executive Board to work on RHA projects and programs. In addition, each Executive Board member will meet with the advisor as necessary, and the Executive Board once a week. Office Hours can be found under the Executive Board drop-down menu.

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