2013-2014 RHA Executive Board

We are located in 228 Goodhue Hall

Phone Number:  262-472-4903

E-Mail: RHA@uww.edu

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RHA 2013 eBoard

Meet the Executive Board!

President: Rob Emmett

Work Email: rhaPresident@uww.edu

 Rob lives in Wells East and this is his third year in school. He is from Hales Corners, WI. His major is entrepreneurship and his dream job is to run an Auto Detailing Business. When Rob has spare time, he likes to golf. This year Rob is looking forward to all the great work that RHA will be doing in the Residence Halls on campus and in the community. His favorite thing about RHA is the family aspect of this organization is truly what makes RHA stand out among other governing bodies. Rob’s position is the leader of RHA. He communicates directly with the ResLife administration, as well as other family and administration on campus. This year, Rob plans to bring a sense of unity with other student organizations on campus. Too often, our relationships with other groups is seen as distant, and needs to change. Rob decided to take a position on the Board because he wanted to lead this great organization on a sustainable path to success for years to come.

Vice President: Grant Mohlman

Work Email: rhavp@uww.edu

Grant lives in Cambridge Apartments, Sophomore, from Waunakee, WI. His major is Economics. His dream job is to be a Formula One Driver. For fun, Grant likes to play golf, tennis, and make model buildings. He is looking forward to meeting a lot of great people this year. His favorite thing about RHA is getting to make some many friends. About his position: Grant is in charge of the budget, he also helps distribute care packages, also, Grant is next in line to fill in if Rob is ever not at a meeting. Grant hopes to bring a cool head and positive attitude to RHA this year. He decided to become part of the RHA Board because he really enjoyed his LIT and saw RHA as a step up. If he could be any superhero it would be Batman or Flash.

Executive Assistant: Ryan Cunningham

Work Email: rhaassist@uww.edu

Ryan is living in Cambridge Apartments and is a second semester sophomore. He is from Rockford, IL. His major is Pre-med biology and physics emphasis in Engineering. His dream job would be in Bio-Engineering or Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. On his free time, Ryan enjoys bowling, softball and hanging out. This year, he is looking forward to many things but most importantly, meeting new friends.His favorite thing about RHA is the people he is surrounded by. Ryan’s position is in charge of keeping an accurate account of the meetings through the minutes as well as coordinating the recognition program and incentive program.  This year, he hopes to bring more enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the recognition program. The reason Ryan chose to be on the RHA Board was to enhance his leadership skills and to educate and foster a good atmosphere in the resident halls. If he could be any superhero he would be the Hulk.

NCC/WCC: Michael Riley

Work Email: ncc@uww.edu

Mike lives in Wells and is a junior. He is from Milwaukee and his major is Journalism and Political Sciences. His dream job is to be a columnist for the New York Times. On his free time he enjoys hitting the links and tennis. This year Mike hopes to grow as a leader and make more friends at all his awesome conferences he gets to attend as NCC. He loves that he could be having a horrible week or day but as soon as our RHA dinner and meetings start, and he sees so many happy faces on Wednesday night, he can’t help but be joyous. Mike’s position is to serve as the connection between our RHA and the state (WURHA), region (GLACURH) and national (NACURH) levels. He attends 6 conferences, 3 mentioned above which he is allowed to bring a delegation of students that live on campus to participate and meet other amazing student leaders and gain valuable experiences that they can bring back to the halls. He plans to bring laughter, leadership and lollipops to RHA this year. He decided to run for the RHA Board because of one person: Rebecca Wintringer. If he could be any superhero he would be the Green Lantern.

Co-Programmer: Codi Freiberger

Email: rhaprograms@uww.edu

Codi lives in Tutt and is a sophomore. He is from Spring Grove. His major is Clinical Psych and his dream job is working in a doctor’s office. For fun Codi enjoys anything and everything Pokemon. The thing his is most looking forward to this year is Pokemon X and 4, Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U. His favorite thing about RHA are the involvement opportunities. Codi’s position is to set up programs throughout campus for residents to be social and to get involved. His goals for this year are to bring new ideas and collaborate with outside sources. He decided to run for RHA Board this year to get more involved and he loved it last year. There are many super heroes that Codi wishes to be, including but not limited to, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Nightwing (Robin).

Co-Programmer: Vincent Ashford

Email: rhaprograms@uww.edu

Vincent lives in Wells East and is a junior. He is from Milwaukee, WI. His major Interpersonal communication and his dream job would be a video game tester. Vincent’s hobbies include playing video games, talking to people and taking walks. This year, Vin is looking forward to Yoga night and summer. His favorite thing about RHA is the assembly meetings. Vin’s position is to create programs for the student body to enjoy and socialize. He really wants to bring fun programs for everyone to enjoy. He ran for RHA Board because he loved the atmosphere RHA provided. If he could be any superhero he would be either Batman or Iron man.

Marketing Coordinator: Nikita Parmann

Email: rhaprd@uww.edu

Nikita lives in Starin and is a senior. She is from West Allis, WI. Her major is Elementary Education and her dream job would be a teacher or a photographer. For fun, Nikita like to take pictures, hang out with her friends and family and relax. This year, she is looking forward to getting to know more students and leaders on campus. Her favorite thing about RHA is the atmosphere and seeing what everyone is doing for themes. There are always so many smiling faces around and always feels comfortable. Nikita’s position is setting up and updating the social media pages, putting up the digital signage you see in the halls, making posters, and designing and ordering the semester shirts. This year, she hope to bring people together. That was a major part of why she ran for RHA Board and is important with such a large organization. She hopes to make door decorations for the residence to proudly hang on their door. If she could be a super hero she would be Elasta-girl (Incredibles) or Wonderwoman.

Each RHA Executive Board member will put in a minimum number of 5 office hours each week.  This will allow representatives of the residence halls to come in and seek supplies, assistance, etc.  These office hours will also be used by the RHA Executive Board to work on RHA projects and programs. All RHA Executive Board members must serve five (5) set office hours a week and be available by appointment.  In addition, each Executive Board member will meet with the advisor as necessary and the Executive Board once a week.

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