2014-2015 RHA Executive Board

We are located in 228 Goodhue Hall

Phone Number:  262-472-4903

E-Mail: RHA@uww.edu

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President: Caryn Names

Work Email: rhaPresident@uww.edu

Caryn Names is a senior from Delafield, WI majoring in Accounting. She’s currently living in Fischer Hall and spends her spare time watching Netflix and spending time with friends. This year she is looking forward to a summer accounting internship. Her dream job would be teaching accounting at UW-Whitewater. As president of RHA, her main responsibilities include managing the Executive Board, creating the weekly agenda, and running meetings. Her favorite part of RHA is getting to see the E-Board and assembly every week. She originally ran for her position because she loves knowing about the different events happening on campus. Caryn absolutely loves Disney, and her favorite Disney (or Disney Pixar) movies include The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Big Hero 6.


Vice President: Heather Rhoades
Work Email: rhavp@uww.eduHeather

Heather Rhoades is a junior and lives in Starin. Her hometown is Germantown, WI. She is a biology major with an emphasis in pre-medicine. She plans to go to medical school and possibly into an MD/PhD program for a career in medical research and/or practicing internal medicine. A majority of her time is spent studying for her classes. In the rare chance that she has spare time she likes to hang out with her friends and watch movies or play games. Her favorite movie is Finding Nemo. She really enjoys the research she is doing with one of the biology professors on campus and looks forward to learning more about doing research. She is the Vice President of RHA. She really loves the environment of RHA and getting to know all the assembly members. As Vice President, she works with the budget for RHA and she organizes care packages. She decided to become part of the E-board because she had such a fun time in RHA last year and she really wanted to continue to be a part of it.


Executive Assistant: Alexis Lockett-Glover

Work Email: rhaassist@uww.eduAlexis

Alexis is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Alexis has a major in psychology and a minor in public relations. Her dream job is to be an adolescent psychologist. In her spare time Alexis enjoys writing and hanging with friends, and her favorite Disney movie is Princess and the frog. Alexis is looking forward to making new connections and meeting new people this year. Alexis’ favorite part about RHA is getting to know the members of all the resident’s halls LITs and the pro staff. As the Executive Assistant on the RHA e-board Alexis is mostly responsible for taking minutes at meetings and planning philanthropy events throughout the year. Alexis decided to join the e-board back in May to take on a leadership position that she felt could positively affect a big part of the campus community.


NCC/WCC: Sara Dzialowy

Work Email: ncc@uww.eduSarah

Sara Dzialowy, currently living in the Starin Hall, is a 5th year student at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She is majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Chemistry and Philosophy. Sara hopes to work on a research vessel. However, she also wants to work in a lab researching the different effects pharmaceuticals have on marine life and their habitats.

Sara started going to the Residence Hall Association meetings as a Starin Hall Representative last year. She liked it so much that she decided to apply for a position. She is currently the National Communications Coordinator (NCC), and it is her job to connect the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with other schools, both regionally and nationally. She chooses delegations to go to conferences when called for and relays information from the conference to RHA. At conferences, Sara attends boardroom sessions where she serves as Whitewater’s RHA vote.This year, Sara looks forward to finishing her minors and planning her trip to Australia come the Fall 2015 semester. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and painting as well as playing the occasional video game. Sara’s all-time favorite Disney movies (because she can’t choose just one!) are the Nightmare before Christmas and The Princess and the Frog.


Co-Programmer: Nikki Nygaard

Email: rhaprograms@uww.eduNicole

Nicole Nygaard is a fourth year student living in Starin Hall.  She went to high school in Middleton Wisconsin but has lived all over the country.  Nicole is a double major in Business and English and is looking forward to going to grad school after graduation to further her English degree. In her spare time, Nicole likes to hang out with her friends or relax with a good book.  She is looking forward to getting into the role as one of the Co-programmers for the Residence Hall Association and finally working with a Co. She is responsible for the creation and exaction of all events sponsored and run by RHA. This entails everything from finding a location to picking up after. She loves working with the eboard.  They are a fun group that is usually laid back and all mesh well together. Her favorite Disney movie is Aladdin, but her favorite Disney-Pixar would have to be Monsters University.


Co-Programmer: Nikki Marshall

Email: rhaprograms@uww.eduNikki

Nicole Marshall is from Delafield, Wisconsin a small town in Waukesha County. She is a junior this year at UW-Whitewater and is living in Starin Hall. She recently changed her major to Secondary Education History with a minor in Psychology. She plans to take her education to a public high school where she will be teaching either US History or Psychology. When she isn’t studying and writing papers she enjoys croqueting, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. Nicole is the Co-Programmer for RHA, she is responsible for working with her Co in creating programs for students who live in the residents halls, that includes coming up with ideas, planning, execution of the program planning, crafting, emailing and whatever else is asked of her. She looks forward to planning programs with RHA and making sure everyone is having a good time, she hopes to leave the RHA experience by it having a positive impact on her life, and doing the same for RHA. Nicole wanted to be on the e-board to be more involved on campus, and ultimately have fun doing something she loves to do…programming! Her favorite part about RHA is the assembly meetings where she gets to know people that live in the residents halls and listen to people and their thoughts about what is going on around campus, it is her favorite part of the week! Her favorite Disney movie is Wreck-It-Ralph.


Marketing Coordinator: Joe SalzmanJoe

Email: rhaprd@uww.edu

Joe Salzman is a sophomore and an Accounting/ IT major from Fall River, Wisconsin. His dream job would be being a CPA and eventually being a teacher. In his spare time he enjoys running, playing the computer, and hanging out with friends. This year he looked forward to meeting new people and starting his major classes. His favorite part about RHA is meeting all the new people that attend our meetings. He holds the Marketing Coordinator position on the e-board. The main activities that his position involves are making the posters for the programs, and updating Facebook and Twitter. He wanted to be a part of the e-board to get more involved on campus, and to put himself in an abnormal position to try new things. His favorite Disney movie is Tarzan.



Each RHA Executive Board member will put in a minimum number of 5 office hours each week.  This will allow representatives of the residence halls to come in and seek supplies, assistance, etc.  These office hours will also be used by the RHA Executive Board to work on RHA projects and programs. All RHA Executive Board members must serve five (5) set office hours a week and be available by appointment.  In addition, each Executive Board member will meet with the advisor as necessary and the Executive Board once a week.

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